High tea’ing at the Ritz

I have always enjoyed having friends coming into town for visits where i tour them around or eat at the yummiest places that our taste buds would direct us to. My BFF did just that and popped over to Hong Kong for a short one week vacation last month.

Being the high tea fanatics that we always have been  and hearing all the high tea rage about the recently opened Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong Hotel, we knew it had to be the one! My friend was a real darling and called a day in advance to reserve a table for two, and i took a day off work to enjoy this lovely Ritz high tea experience with my good old BFF.

As i took the escalators connecting the International Commerce Centre to the Ritz Carlton, i was greeted at the lobby by friendly staffs who asked me where i wanted to go. They directed me to take the lift up to the 102th floor and go up another level by the escalators to get to my high tea paradise, The Bar &  Lounge.

Once i arrived at the place, all i remember was seeing this amazing view of Hong Kong. It was blue skies with white fluffy clouds setting in amongst the Hong Kong sky scrapers and sea. Unfortunately we did not manage to get window seats but i was not too fussed about that as its the company that counts after all. The place was really spacious with high ceilings and there were these lovely long yellow/red chandeliers that were dangling down.

When the very familiar looking three tier stand arrived to our table, my friend and i had an enormous smile on our face and that’s when we started snapping away.  While most normal people would dig right into their food, we started taking photos to capture the special moment and i have to warn you beforehand, this is a pretty normal sight if you ever get to visit Asia. The presentation of the high tea set definitely was up to standards, where it was filled with vibrant colors and textures, and displayed in a neat manner.

Having the biggest sweet tooth that i have, i was quite surprised that i found the mini sweet bites overly sweet.  Although i did enjoy the raspberry cake as it had a mix of sour and sweet in its taste, which was a perfect combination for me. The other sweet bites just seemed too sweet for my liking and there weren’t a lot of varieties for the savory food.

My friend and i slowly nibbled away whilst we sipped on our coffee and tea and  enjoyed our special day together.  As we finished off our high tea and the sun was setting, we could hear the live band from afar playing on the saxophone to “Noting’s Gonna Change My Love For You”, which was the perfect and sweetest way to end our day.



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5 responses to “High tea’ing at the Ritz

  1. I love doing Afternoon Tea. The food looks so delicious!!

  2. May

    I love a good cup of tea and going for afternoon tea with friends is always brilliant! Looks like you had a great time with your friend and the cakes look so yummy…..though I do know what you mean about some cakes being far too sweet! 🙂 We tend to get finger sandwiches with different fillings, scones with jam and clotted cream, cakes and macaroons on the afternoon tea in London, but it usually ends about 6pm…..so its nice that you can do tea in the evening and enjoy the night view!
    May xx
    ps: I love pink too! 🙂 Also apologies for the late reply on comments as I’ve been travelling a little bit, so trying to catch up with my blog!

  3. So pretty! I love afternoon teas. lol @ taking photos before digging in! I’ve slapped many hands (James’ mostly hehe) from taking the food so that I can take a good photo 🙂 Too bad some of the desserts were too sweet. I’m sure the company and the ambiance made up for it though 🙂

  4. Now you’re talking! Oh Cinz, this looks amazing! How many people was this for? Looks like you could feed a small army with all of those cakes :-). As you know, I am rather fond of afternoon tea and those scones are calling my name “Eat me Milla, eat me! I have long been a Ritz Carlton fan (the hotel in Singapore is insane!!) and this only serves to increase the attraction. What a view!

    By the way, I recently changed hosting providers so if you still want to subscribe, you’ll have to sign up again (via email) 😦

  5. Yum I love High Tea. I went to the Mandarin Oriental for some cakes and tea last week and it was such a lovely experience.

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