Girl Crush: Jennifer Aniston

During the early 1990s, i discovered the American sitcom, “Friends”, and those were the good old days where  i would sit in front of the TV almost every Sunday night laughing my butt off, just right before bed time.  And it was also during this time that i discovered Jennifer Aniston and where her iconic curly and puffy up do hair style got noticed in the early seasons of “Friends”.

I am sure nobody will ever forget this hair style that Jennifer sported, which practically got every single female celebrities going out to replicate this look. Jennifer’s hair style has gone a long way since then where she’s done the cropped hair, long hair,  fringe,  curly and straight hair, and her style seems to keep evolving just like her successful career in acting.

She is absolutely one of the most gorgeous female actresses i’ve seen sticking around since the 1990s and she just keeps looking more stunning each time! I guess it’s true when people say good things come with age, and i say she still got it.

Photo source: we hear it



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6 responses to “Girl Crush: Jennifer Aniston

  1. Jennifer Aniston is definitely one of my favourite celebrities. She always looks stunning

  2. She is a gorgeous lady, when she was in friends she looked utterly stunning in every scene.. I think we can all say we laughed and cried with her (and the rest of the casts) through out the seasons


  3. she’s AMAZING! I love how she can pull off the “messy” hair look on a red carpet!

  4. I love Friends! Jennifer Aniston is so beautiful in such an effortless natural way.

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