Traveller’s Guide to Beijing

It has been a month and a half since i’ve returned from my Easter vacation in Beijing, and it only seems  like yesterday that i was still enjoying  my crispy Peking duck and the buzzing non stop night life in China.

Upon arriving to Beijing with my other traveling buddy Ms. S, little did we know that our BFF was waiting for us at the arrivals hall with a cab and ready to whisk us off to some delicious dim sum place.

I have to say, Beijing is a big city and not everything is within walking distant so we cabbed it to most places and the prices are relative cheap as well. As we got into the city, we were surrounded by tall sky scrapers along with numerous  people walking or driving in their cars and mini scooters, in all sorts of direction.  By this point, we were already starving and we could already hear the dim sum calling our names!

We ordered a lot of the well know dim sum dishes like the pork buns, the shrimp dumplings, turnip pastries, fried rice, and one of my fave Chinese egg tart desserts!

Now one would expect to experience more local things when they are in China but we did just so the opposite. My friend works in the Danish embassy so she took us a quick tour around the office and i have to say, the modern white walls mingling in with the earthy toned wooden chairs really reminded me of back home. I actually felt like we were back in Denmark and it was truly a nice feeling.

After not long, we decided to take a break at the nearby “Royal Smushi House” cafe for a coffee and cake fix, and to my surprise, they serve Danish food too! This was definitely not my typical China experience but i was actually kinda liking the whole East meets West culture.

Once you walk into the lobby, you are greeted with this vibrant yellow wall contrasting against a white wall, and there’s this stylish black staircase that leads up to the restaurant. I really like how they have this contemporary Scandinavian design to the place with a twist of Japanese culture infused into it, at least that’s what they say. I ordered Jasmine tea and it came in this lovely pot that was designed with butterflies and nature. It sure helps  to feel more relaxed and posh when you are being served in beautifully nature inspired tea pots and cups, don’t you think?

When you are in Beijing, one of the “must do”  tourist attractions is without a doubt, the Forbidden City and eating their infamous “Peking duck”. The Forbidden city was actually the Chinese imperial palace throughout the Ming Dynasty until the end of the Qing Dynasty. It was also the place that served as home for the emperors.

This magical City is huge and there are many buildings and rooms to explore so be prepared to use up at least half a day to fully experience this historical place. What really captivated me about the Forbidden City was the vibrant colors, design, and detailing of the buildings. I actually felt like i went on a time machine and was back in the Qing Dynasty.

After a long day of walking we decided to cure our hunger with some delicious local Peking duck at this well known restaurant called “DaDong”.  The duck skin was thinly sliced and there was not too much fat on the meat, which is just how i like it. There were different types of sauces and toppings such as the gingers and cumbers,  for the Peking duck to add more flavor to it. I really can’t express enough how spoiled it is of us to be able to experience both the East and West in Beijing, especially when it comes to food.

And with that said, we ended the night at the Mesh Bar inside the “the Opposite House”  hotel, where i enjoyed my Lychee and Passion fruit martini with my girls. And yes,  that completed my night!



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13 responses to “Traveller’s Guide to Beijing

  1. OMG This is fabulous! What an experience.

  2. I’ve always wanted to visit Beijing. It looks like an incredible city, with so much history behind it. My dad went once and said it was great.

  3. Egg tarts and peking duck looks so good! I need to go to Beijing for that!

  4. Beijing looks and sounds like a great city! X

  5. I have always had a deep desire to go to Beijing! I love the pictures and what a beautiful place it is!

  6. SO many wonderful photos! I have always wanted to travel there. Take care!

  7. Your photos are so lovely. Makes me want to go to Beijing ASAP! I’ve always wanted to visit the Forbidden City. I was always mesmerized by it when I watched it in Chinese movies 🙂

  8. Clare

    Oh WOW! What an amazing trip!!!

  9. Oh this trip looks like it was fantastic. I’ve never really thought too much about visiting China but Shanghai and Beijing are definitely some of the places that I would love to visit. Having ‘true’ Peking duck must have been amazing! I had it once in HK and having a whole roasted duck carved right in front of you is the most a amazing thing ever- such a world away from the imitation duck you get outside of China!
    The Forbidden city looks awesome. Gosh, there is something amazing about traditional architecture and also being served Chinese tea out of those pretty teacups is just so delightful!

  10. Hi!!! I really love your blog!!! If you want take a look at my blog!!! Follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin and Facebook!!! Let me know dear! kiss 😀

  11. What a trip! Cinz, I love how varied your pics are and really like seeing your world! Keep these posts coming.

    PS – love the look of that tea!

  12. May

    Great photos sweety and looks like you had a lovely time!! Loving all the yummy food and the beautiful teapot! Did you get to dress up in Ching Dynasty Chinese costumes and take photos?? I would love to visit Beijing and Shanghai one day….only ever gone as far as Hong Kong in terms of China! The Imperial Palace looks fascinating!!
    May xx

  13. May

    PS: And I absolutely love Egg Tarts!! They are my favourite Dim Sum treats!! 🙂

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