Fashion Frenzy: Pastel

Pastel colors have been seen everywhere lately from skirts, dresses, jeans, bags, shoes, and  even to nail polish! The pastel color really puts a fun twist in playing around with your wardrobe for those warmer summer outfits.

I recently bought a pastel minty nail polish and i’m totally loving it! Just looking at my nails on a bad day at work is enough to cheer me up!  This is definitely a look i will be sporting this summer.

What about you? Love or hate the pastel look?

Photo source: we heart it



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7 responses to “Fashion Frenzy: Pastel

  1. I love pastels. They always look great, especially in the summer!

  2. LOOOVE the pastel look! I’m really into the pastel mint green look paired with pastel coral!

  3. Pastels are a huge must for me. They look great at this time of year.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. Emily

    I absolutely love the pastel colors. It adds a soft touch to the typical bright and bold summer colors. I especially love the look with the flowy, wide leg, beige dress pants.

  5. What a lovely array of pictures!! I adore pastel colours, and despite it being winter here, will try and brighten the sky with me pastel prints 😉
    I always eagerly await your posts lovely


  6. Clare

    Yes, pastels are ALWAYS a win!

  7. May

    Loving the Mint lace tops at the moment and trying hard not to shop…..eekk! Also the candy pink nail polish!!
    May xx

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