Hong Kong International Art Fair 2009

I was going through my old photo albums tonight and that was when i came across this fabulous album that i completed forgot about. It was the Hong Kong International Art Fair that i attended back in May 2009.  I still remember my friend was in town for a business trip for promotional purposes for this event. We had arranged for a quick lunch nearby due to her tight work schedule and quite unexpectedly, she welcomed me to check out the art fair whilst she went back to work.

I did not think much about the fair and i thought i would be leaving in no time. How wrong i was!!!! The art pieces in the art fair really took my breath and mind away, and i recall staying there for 2 hours and just snapping away in admiration. This should really be a reminder for myself that i need to attend the next Hong Kong Art Fair.



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10 responses to “Hong Kong International Art Fair 2009

  1. The artwork is so cool! I probably would’ve spent a lot of time in the exhibit as well. Too bad there’s nothing like this in HK right now!

  2. Wow all the art is amazing! Hong Kong has the best conventions. I just went for the international trade show and I spent 3 days there!

  3. Wow, those pieces of art look amazing! I’d love to go to more art exhibitions!

  4. oh wow.. such amazing pieces.

  5. Clare

    I love that third piece with the colorful bubbles!

  6. This looks great! Wasn’t there an Art Fair recently? I remember it being on during the last weekend I was there. I wish I went to it but I didn’t have enough time!

    I could spend hours just gazing at all the art work and it’s also fun watching people figuring things out too. I like taking my youngest sister to art galleries because she always notices something that I would probably never have seen!

  7. What a great post. Super inspiring to see this amazing art.
    Really liking your blog, just followed you on Bloglovin to keep up!
    xx, micol


  8. Stunning, stunning art works! Thanks for sharing these, the first image particularly stood out to me!!

    Hope you are well lovely xx

  9. What great pics! I love to visit art exhibitions – I really miss the ever changing Tate modern in the UK for fabulous modern art in particular. Did you want to buy anything Cinz?


  10. that cheetah/ tiger is insane! love it!

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