The magic color: Red

There’s always been this thing about the color red for me.  It’s definitely one of those colors that defines all the characteristics of being  attractive, feminine, exotic, and vibrant. Whenever I’m in a rut and need to freshen up my look , i will go and try on something red.  It could be my red lip gloss when I’m out in town with my girls or just wearing a really glamorous red dress to feel good about myself.

I don’t have any lipsticks as unbelievable as it sounds but i love my recently purchased Maybelline (Very Cherry 635) red lip stick for those days that i don’t want the glossy lips look.  One of my fave lip kits are the Dior lip gloss (Ultra Gloss Pearl 654) and Kiehl’s lip balm (Hue No. 58B) with SPF 15 to protect my lips.

As for accessories, red is definitely a color to make any outfit look interesting if you ask me! I love my red accessories such as the red heart necklace and red gift box lookalike earring, which i got on my trip to New  York few years back. They make great choices when i am wearing something a bit more simple and want to funk up my look.

I got the red rose ring and red pearl necklace in some cheap market but they still work like a charm when i want to be a bit more playful with my outfit.  And lastly, with a spray of the Harajuku Lovers G Christmad edition perfume,  I’m all set  to go out and have a good time.

What about you? Do you have any favorite colors that inspires your way of styling?



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8 responses to “The magic color: Red

  1. Great post 🙂 I love red too, but purple is my all time favourite colour.

    Naomi x

  2. Recently I’ve been really into bright/pastel color..maybe because it’s summer time. But I LOVE red for the winter!

  3. I love red! I’ve been trying to wear a lot more red lipstick recently. I feel so glam in it.

  4. I am still learning to love red, lipstick especially. I find that when I wear it I feel my lips are really ‘out there’ lol! I found a Chanel shade that I liked and I keep meaning to get round to buying it. This article is a little inspiration for me 🙂

  5. Love the color red too. It’s so bold and sensual. Yellow is another fun color to play around with. So fun and summery.

  6. Oh what a cute blog! I love red, it is the color for all women (I think). Such a daring, romantic color that always express desire and rage which I like a lot.

    Though I can never do red lips and nail. It is a color that I can only admire secretly.

    I don’t have a color that really really inspires me. Colors don’t inspire me well 🙂

  7. Clare

    Oh i love red — i am also very inspired by blue and pink!

  8. Such a pretty post! I love the accessories here so much 🙂 My fave color is.. maybe gold! xo akiko
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