Beauty Diary: Pastel nails

With the seasons ever as changing, so does the clothes in our wardrobe as well as the way we style and i say, this concept is just as important when it comes to our beauty routine.

Having said that, as summer has officially arrived, one of the easiest beauty routines that you can start off with is your nail polish. Yes,  it is time to ditch those dark and wintery colored  nail polishes and embrace all the bright and cheerful colors on your lovely hands instead.

I’m normally the type to wear a lot of vibrant colors such as shocking pink, neon orange, or glittery nails, but i have found a new love for my nails recently. With all the pastel trend catching on lately, i knew it was only a matter of time before i would go out and venture on the pastel nail trend, and i’m totally smitten by it now!  Truth be told, it’s a very new style for me as i’m not used to wearing such pale colored nail polish but i am liking it so far.

What do you think about pastel nails and which color is your fave?

Photo source: weheartit



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6 responses to “Beauty Diary: Pastel nails

  1. I can’t get enough of the pastel nails this summer. i just painted mine a beautiful pastel lavender and it looks great with a bunch of bracelets and bangles

    xoxo Coco

  2. WithLoveShmon

    such pretty colors!
    I love pastels – but i find it hard to wear the mint color as often as others because they usually go look good when I wear neutrals. never with vcolorr eeeek

  3. I’m absolutely loving pastel nails this season! Although plum nails have always been a firm favourite, I’ve been wearing more pastels on my nails recently.

  4. I JUST tried out the pastel trend yesterday. My nails are now Essie Marshmellow and I’m LOVING it. Great post! It’s such a great trend for summer 🙂
    xx, micol

  5. i LOVE the pastel nail thing… and all of these pictures are beautiful! love all the colors…

  6. I just bought the pink Essie shade ‘delicacy’, a lovely pink. Right now I have deep red nails, a little glamour for a wedding I am attending this week, but I hope to return to pastels soon, as they are perfect for summer I agree.

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