Pop it with the Peplum ladies…

The peplum look is really one trend where i think you either  love it or hate it, and as for me? Well, i love it! It’s a really fun and cute way to play with your style. The way how it hugs you tightly around the waist gives you this body confidence boost immediately, at least for me.

I’ve already seen the peplum look on celebrities at the red carpet and on the cat walk scenes. The peplum has even gotten as far as being spotted on street styles where fashionistas are either glaming it up or keeping it casual with this peplum baby.

And i have to say, one of my most interesting peplum finds for the street style was the leather peplum!!! That was a very unexpected one. The same goes for the metal lookalike peplum that Blake Lively was sporting, which is pure madness and should definitely be kept for photo shoot moments only.

And i just had a crazy thought. Is the word plum part of the word peplum because the puffy and round style slightly resembles the shape of the plum fruit? haha…yes, totally random i know but don’t you ever just wonder why this odd name?

So what about you ladies? Love or hate the peplum look????

Photo source: weheartit



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8 responses to “Pop it with the Peplum ladies…

  1. Clare

    Yes! I love this look! I just haven’t brought myself to buy it cuz it is so trendy!

  2. I love peplum. I haven’t tried the trend out for myself yet, but I really want to. I’ve been seeing people out and about rocking it and it looks so good.

  3. cool! i really like the white top. I saw a black version in H&M


  4. It’s definitely a cute look. I only have one peplum skirt to my name in my wardrobe and I definitely need to wear it more often.

    Also I know right – leopard print on flats/shoes have been around for ages but I am still yet to introduce it to my wardrobe. Only time will tell though! Hope you’re having a lovely week so far Cinz!

  5. The metal-cuff-for-her-hips thing was interesting, but generally speaking I can’t get into peplum. There are many things I’ve warmed up to over time, but I don’t expect I’ll ever like this style.

  6. I love the peplum look. I’ve got a couple of them in my wardrobe and I am very confident rocking the look!

  7. Ah who can but love this very pretty style! I’m a fan 🙂


  8. I LOVE EVERY POST!!! I LVOE PEPLUM!! I actually used that floral skirt on my blog!

    check it out.


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