Current Lust: colored jeans

Jeans have been around from as far as i can remember, and even as a kid, i was already strapped into these really cool over all jeans, or at least that’s what my mom thought at the time. With the jeans trend having evolved into the 21st century, it is really no surprise that it had to kick up some tricks up its sleeves to make denim trend one of the strongest survivors in the history of fashion.

And with that said, out came the colored jeans!!! Yep, i kid you not and it comes in any color you can imagine. Be it red, orange, yellow, purple, hot pink, cobalt blue, deep colors, neon, or even pastel colors.

I currently have a pair of cobalt blue and green jeans that i love to wear when i get sick and bored of my normal blue denim jeans. I reckon this must be the easiest and laziest yet fabulous way to put a bit of color into an outfit.

What colored jeans are you lusting for right now???

Photo source: weheartit



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11 responses to “Current Lust: colored jeans

  1. I love coloured jeans!! I have a few bright pairs, which I definitely need to wear more often!

  2. Cinzee,
    I am completely unfashionable and that’s ok. This was fun to look through. Two thoughts 1) Brightly colored jeans and pants have long been the standard for the toddler set ~ I know this because my children age in range from 3 to 25 and 2) Those heels shown in the last picture got left in my home by my almost 19 year old a couple of days ago, so I actually recognized a bit of current fashion!

    Thanks for making current fashion trends accessible to the clueless


  3. I love coloured jeans too, I love the coral and burgundy ones that are around at the moment. I definitely would like to buy a pair of brightly coloured ones at some point…they’re just so cheery!

    Also…yeah I love hanging around MK but haven’t ever been there for night life…but it’s so freaking busy there all the time lol.

  4. I have been trying to avoid the lighter and neon coloured jeans because I thought they were a phase, although we may be past that point now. I only own dark red and blue but I tried some light colours the other day (a kind of flower print in aqua) and had to admit I was a little taken by the change. Perfect for summer!

  5. i LOVE the colored jean! esp the lighter colors like the light blues and mints… I’m not so sure how I feel about the patterned pants that I’ve been seeing but I think its something that will eventually grow on me

  6. obsessed with pastel jeans right now!

  7. Clare

    Agreed. I love colored jeans and they are everywhere right now!

  8. swisshera

    This is so you Cinz! I can so see you out on the street in these jeans!

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  10. The Fashion Foot

    Did you take those pictures? They were beautiful! Colored jeans are amazing and I am so happy they are becoming more popular. I currently own four colored jeans and want to buy more! Check out my article on colored jeans:

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