Traveller’s Guide to Beijing: The Great Wall of China and the Hutong (finale)

It was only right to end our Beijing vacation with a trip to the infamous Great Wall of China and that was just what we did, a day prior to returning back home. It was a sunny day as it had been for the past few days and it was just the perfect day for us. It was literally as if Beijing was loving us as the weather tends to be quite chilly during early April.

So we jumped into our friend’s car and before i knew it, i was experiencing my very first road trip in China!!! It was such a fun journey where we were blasting out the old 90s music and the occasional more up to date Ne-Yo and Bruno Mars music, lol.

Upon arriving to the Great Wall of China, we were bombarded with tourists and locals everywhere we went. I remember passing by stalls amongst stalls loaded up with China souvenirs such as Chinese qipaos, Chinese fans, magnets with Beijing’s scenic view, and etc. Surprisingly, i did not buy anything.

I have to say, it is quite a walk if you are to hike the Great Wall of China but the good thing is that you can decide how far you want to go and when to stop, so the route is relatively flexible. We walked for around 2 hours and mind you, we stopped numerous times to take photos, non stop giggles for no reasons, or to admire the breath taking view. One thing for sure, the first slope up the Great Wall was the hardest where I had to stop a few times to catch my breath, and gosh, how i felt like an old granny.

There were many times where i just stood there and thought how impressive it was that the Chinese people built this Great Wall to protect their Chinese emperor and land back then. The Great Wall is soo long that you can’t even finish the entire hike in one day, not that i would want to anyway, lol.

The endless view of mountains, trees, and the sky above us, really took my breath away. I felt so connected to nature for a moment even though that quickly vanished by the laughter of my friends who were trying to attempt some jump shots with their cameras.

As the sun was setting, we decided to take the slide back down and lets just say, i was not too keen about that idea. The first thing i thought about was safety but all my friends were just busy getting excited about the slide ride, which was a 15-20mins ride! So you can imagine how long that Great Wall is, and it’s only one small area that we walked. Anyhow, I’m happy to report back that i came down in one piece to report this on my blog, haha.

For our last day in Beijing, we ironically had English Breakfast. English breakfast in China just sounds odd together, don’t you think? But I guess i’ve always enjoyed my western food as a kid, and that morning we were just craving that! So there i was sipping my fave Earl Grey tea out of my not so posh tea cup, whilst savoring the juicy bites of my bacon and sausages. I kinda felt like i got transported back into London for a split second.

With a full stomach and some calories in need of burning off, we decided to walk around the Hutong area, which are  these narrow streets or alleys formed by Chinese traditional courtyard residences. So much history was present where I would see the old Chinese style houses amongst the westernized cafes, restaurant, and shops. It was definitely a great cultural experience of East meets West.

We passed by many local food stands and despite having just finished off an entire English Breakfast, we still had room for more food. There was this old man who was frying some mini eggs and i’m guessing they were quail eggs and i really wanted to try them, but i was not risking of having a bad stomach just hours prior to boarding the plane. After a while we stopped by a local yogurt stand and I have to say, the yogurt drink was tasted really fresh and was very dairy-like.

Just as we were about to leave Hutong and head to the airport, we stumbled upon this really cute postal shop. There’s a really special concept behind this shop where you choose a postcard and write it there, and they will send it off for you. The twist to the concept is that you can choose when to send it off and the staffs will do so according to your date.

My BFFS and I went all crazy and  got three postcards, one for each of us, and have it send off to my home 5 years later. I can’t wait to receive the postcards and see what secrets awaits us in 2017!!! Oh the excitement!!! Not long after, we went to the airport and said our good byes and up to this day, i’m still waiting excitingly for our next reunion.

Have you ever had an unforgettable and fun short get away with your BFF? And where did you go?



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9 responses to “Traveller’s Guide to Beijing: The Great Wall of China and the Hutong (finale)

  1. Cinz, what a great guide! I love guides by real people sharing because they’re passionate. The great wall of China has always been somewhere I wanted to see. It so wonderful to see a good ole British fry-up all the way in China! I cannot believe that there are even baked beans. That’s really made me smile.

  2. BFF trips like this are the best. It’s seriously my life mission to visit the great wall! It seems like such an incredible place, with breathtaking views.

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun, Cinz! I went to the Great Wall with my bff back in 2009! So much fun – definitely a lot to see. I didn’t see anything about this slide you’re talking about though.. sounds like it would be fun lol

  4. Clare

    Great post. This looks like a STUNNING trip.

  5. wow, looks like a GREAT trip… that english breakfast looks great

    have a great weekend!

  6. Even I got transported back to London for a second there! I hope that one day I shall be able to visit the Great Wall, it is such an imposing and impressive structure, a must see in a lifetime.

  7. May

    Looks like another lovely day filled with yummy goodies sweety! Did you end up trying the sugar coated fruits on a stick? I love those and always have some when I’m in Taiwan or Malaysia!
    May x

  8. The Great Wall is so amazing! I’ve been in awe with it ever since I was little. I love all your photos. Thanks for letting me have a glimpse of such a wonderful place. It would’ve been hard for me not to buy a souvenir hehehe. That postal shop is awesome!!! How fun! You’ll receive it when you least expect it and it’ll be such a great way to reminisce your trip 🙂

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