Beauty Diary: The clutch

If there’s one accessory that i think is hard to find and has to be perfect, it’s the clutch. It’s one of those accessories where i do not use often because lets face it, we all need our big bags whether it’s for work or running our weekend errands.

Nonetheless, I’ve always wanted to find the perfect clutch that i can use for those very special occasions, esepecially as i’ve found myself attending more weddings, reunion dinners, and social parties over the years.

Since there are only so many times i can use a clutch in a year,  there are always a few things i try to bear in mind when i do go on my “clutch hunt”.  I understand that everyone are  different and want different things, so the following pointers for buying a clutch are strictly just what i feel are important.


As a clutch will hardly ever be a daily accessory, i really think that it’s best to buy a clutch within ones own budget. I will not say that i have any particular price range and i do not emphasis too much on whether it has to be designer branded or not. The main factor is that i must love it!


It is commonly known that a clutch cannot hold a lot of our “stuff” and so ideally, i am looking for a clutch that is good in size. It cannot be too big or too small and with this, i think it can also come down to your body size.  Depending if you’re petite or more on the big scale, you have to make sure you do not overwhelm your body frame. For example, as i am quite petite i always try to stay away from those giant brief case look alike clutches even though they look great on others. Likewise, if you’re on the bigger scale, it is best not to find the tiniest clutch in the world as that will make you look even bigger. Then again, it is really down to your own preference.

Another thing i look for in a clutch is that it has an interchangeable chain so i can put it over my shoulder when i get tired of holding it. Practicality is the key and you need to know what works best for you.


This is an obvious yet very crucial element for buying a clutch. There are so many different styles of clutches out there that we can get overwhelmed.  The few things that i take note of when i look for clutches are the  size, shape, color, texture, fabric, print, and pattern.  For instance, do you like clutches with studds, sequins, floral, fur, or do you prefer a clutch in leather, plastic, or metallic? These are all the things to consider  when thinking about what kind of style of clutch you want.

Surprisingly, i even saw quite a few transparent clutches as i searched for clutch images for this post. I personally do not mind it and think it’s quite stylish but then again, not everyone would like the idea of having everything in their clutches for the public to see.

So what about you ladies? What factors do you consider when you buy a clutch?

Photo source: weheartit



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8 responses to “Beauty Diary: The clutch

  1. I totally agree with all your points – and personally find that the size one is the hardest for me since I don’t need to carry much but what I do want to carry wouldn’t fit in most clutches. I haven’t found my perfect clutch yet though there are so many gorgeous ones out there but for the time being I usually use a purse/handbag with a strap/chain of some kind since for special occasions. It’s still fun clutch hunting though, if not exasperating lol.

  2. I have so many clutches. I hardly ever use them though because I can never fit anything in. Love the look of them though!

  3. What a gorgeous selection you chose! I am also searching for a “perfect” clutch – or two. I love the turquoise one in the first picture, and love the two sequinned styled ones. I find a great place to look for clutches are antique or vintage stores and when I am going back home in a couple months, know the perfect place to try and search for one!! (I will keep you posted 😉 )

    Hope you are doing well lovely xx

  4. For me, I just have to looovvvve it! Size doesn’t matter as long as I can put my credit cards in there. I don’t normally go out on my own so someone else rather a friend what not will hopefully hold my keys and phones for me.

    Budget too – but I tend to invest in evening clutches since it is a piece you can use over the years.

  5. I totally agree with all your points about finding a decent clutch! honestly I hardly see them as practical at all, as I gravitate towards the small ones for aesthetic purposes. They are so beautiful (and make for such great photos!) but I rarely find myself using them. Not something you’d splurge on as they’re not really going to be used frequently.

  6. I love all the inspiring photos you’ve put up! I’m a huge fan of clutches, more so this season since they’ve become so fashionable, and I also think they help me to not lose my purse since it’s always in my hand as opposed to around my shoulder! They’re not as spacious as a tote would be, but if all you need is your wallet, phone, and some back-up lip gloss, they’re definitely a fashionable, fun accessory.

  7. Clare

    I totally agree. I feel like my “clutches” just end up being small sized giant purses. I def think they are necessary, but I don’t think they are very practical 🙂 I totally agree with Joy — I would never splurge on a clutch. It just isn’t practical.

  8. Every chic woman’s favourite accessory! Great post Cinz.

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