Street Style Love x 2

Street style is definitely one of the places where i get my style inspirations from and it always interests me to see what sort of trend is going on out in the real world. There is such beauty when you stare at that one person and notice every single detail of their styling.

Now i know there are many street style websites out there that tends to show just one person individually, and that got me thinking, why just one? Why not showcase the styles of  two, three, or four people in one shot? As the saying goes, the more the merrier, right?

For this street style post, i would like to share street style  in another light, where it brings  inspiration, friendship,  love, and laughter altogether into the picture with these fabulous people.

Hope you enjoy them and get inspired!

Photo source: weheartit



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5 responses to “Street Style Love x 2

  1. You’ve picked the coolest selection of street style ever! Loving those girls with the Marni bags. They look so cool.

  2. Clare

    omg, love this post. these styles are amazing and a half!

  3. This post totally makes me want a new leather jacket. Love a bit of street style.

    Yes you should totally try and visit Foundation Bar if you’re in London, it’s a lovely little bar! Also I never tried Yo Mama when I was in Hong Kong. I tried Silly Boo? There was one near where I lived in North Point and that was yummy – but I’m sure there are better ones out there! So many places to choose from in HK!

  4. these girls know how to dress! I went out to Soho the other day and you can just pull some girls out and they would be so picture-ready!

  5. That last photo (paris?) is fab. Love the combination of the outfits next to each other.

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