Girl Crush: Blake Lively

I have to confess, i have never watched the American series “Gossip Girl” and i know Blake Lively plays a big role in it as well. But that is not to say i do not admire her style because i do.

So far i think she’s done a really good job with her red carpet appearances and i do not recall any wacky or weird out fits that has made heads turned the other way, at least for me.

I absolutely love her glamorous and elegant looks whether its on the red carpets or at movie premiers. At the same time she manages to carry a really casual yet chic style when she goes for the casual look. One thing for sure, this is a lady who knows how to style and maybe i should really start watching “Gossip Girl” and get some style inspirations off her.

Photo source: weheartit



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10 responses to “Girl Crush: Blake Lively

  1. You have to watch Gossip Girl… the fashion and styling is the best part! I could watch it on mute! xx

  2. See, I’m not a massive fan of her character on Gossip Girl, but I do LOVE Blake Lively. She manages to look so gorgeous all the time.

  3. Clare

    I actually JUST starting watching Gossip Girl (like two weeks ago on Netflix). Now, I am a bigger Lieghton Meester fan (both on the show and in real life) BUT Blake always looks so All Americana dn fresh. I do love to watch her on the Red Carpet.

  4. I love how effortlessly beautiful Blake Lively is! Shes gorgeous all the time!

  5. While I am not her biggest fan – something about her? I love the fact she usually always looks cheerful and happy and wears such great bright colours!! She also have a gorgeous body 😉 xxx

  6. Her character on GG gets a little boring but I like seeing her red carpet looks – her hair and that tanned blonde look she’s got going on is quite captivating! She’s really glam!

  7. She is one of those actresses who manages to look even more beautiful and interesting in real life than in her films and TV roles. Quite captivating!

  8. the last outfit is one of my absolute faves from Blake Lively! when I saw that I knew I had to get a sequin jacket haha. I’m just waiting for the weather to warm up again so I can also pair it with shorts (or a black romper) like she does! 🙂

  9. I love Blake! I think she looks great everywhere she goes!

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