Dessert in the form of facials, please?

If there is one beauty trend that i have noticed expanding in Asia, and that is one not everyone will expect, it has to be the take on for beauty products in the form of food.  I know it may sound extremely odd for those that are not exposed to this concept yet and i can see why, because i felt exactly the same way when i started seeing beauty products such as sesame face masks, chocolate face scrubs, cappuccino body wash, and etc.

With that said, i was casually walking into SaSa (a very famous chained cosmetic company in Asia) one day, where i went in having no intention what so ever to buy anything. You know, how you always try to just look and leave empty handed and instantly feel ecstatic that you had the will power to not splurge.

And that’s when i came across this really cute facial set in a light pinkish box that had “Sweet Teatime Mini Set” written across it, and it was on sale.  It’s by this Taiwanese brand called “My beautiful diary” when you directly translate it from Chinese. This brand is quite popular in Hong Kong where it sells a lot of face masks in different flavors.

This  teatime facial set comes with 5 beauty products and it’s almost like each of them is a little sweet treat for my face. The facial masks comes in 2 delish flavors – chocolate truffle and an Earl Grey Tea and macaron. I am extremely excited to try the macaron face mask especially when the real macarons already taste so divine!

There is also a “Strawberry Yogurt Amino Acid” cleaner that comes in a cute pink round tube with these strawberry and ice cream imagines on it. The cleanser is in a pinkish color and while i have not tried it yet, the smell is already enough to make me drool. One thing about using these beauty products is that they normally smell so nice that you have to stop yourself from trying to eat it, lol.

The “Vanilla Souffle” face scrub also sounds really interesting and delicious. I tried sniffing the cap and it smells yummy!!! But i do wonder if all this sweetness is actually good for the skin? On the brighter side, at least we won’t have to feel guilty about gaining weight as we are not orally consuming these sweet treats, hehe.

I feel that Korea seems to be one of the biggest players in the Asian market to promote these food related beauty products. That is also why i was very excited when i received free samples from this Korean beauty/cosmetic brand, Laneige, while i was out shopping a few weeks ago.

They gave me a multiberry yogurt peeling gel and repair pack mask. Every time when i feel tired or i need to fresh up, i just use these berry sweets for a lovely evening of pampering.  To be honest, the lovely smell of the berries always makes me crave for fruits but so far i’ve not eaten the multiberry products so that’s a good thing.

So what do you think about the beauty products that comes in the form of food?

And do you have any fave food beauty products or brands?



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6 responses to “Dessert in the form of facials, please?

  1. That’s such an amazing concept. I don’t think I’ve seen it before in the UK. These products look good and it’s nice to hear that they work well too.

  2. Ive never heard of this, its interesting though!

  3. Shantaya

    Wow. I really want to try this . Great Blog btw

  4. May

    Sounds utterly yummy!! I know what you mean in a way as I have seen some chocolate or berry face masks in the UK…also nail polish! Most of all its a fun way to have a bit of relaxation time…which must be good for health! Have a fabulous week sweety!
    May xx

  5. So cute! I’m a sucker for anything with macarons or dessert so this would be hard to resist! I’ve heard good things about the Laneige multiberry yogurt line. Do you like it? I’m planning to buy a bunch of cosmetics/skincare when I’m in Seoul next month since they’re more catered to Asian skin 🙂

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