Girl Crush: Rachel Bilson

I remember first seeing Rachel Bilson in the American series “The O.C.”, which i only watched a few episodes of, and i did not think much about her at the time.

However, throughout the years and since the ending of “The O.C”, she was more exposed to the media and public,  and that’s when i started to notice her. And of course, having a cute boyfriend like Hayden Christensen does add brownie points too;)

She has this cutesy and sexy look  that i think any men will fall for and any women would die for. What i like is her laid back style whilst also being able to look glam on the red carpet and at public appearances. She is definitely a style inspiration for me!




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9 responses to “Girl Crush: Rachel Bilson

  1. I loooooove Rachel. I love that she’s petite, but so fashion forward and makes so many outfits work for her!

  2. I love everything about Rachel Bilson. She’s so stunning, with insanely amazing style. Can I be her?

  3. I love her style! it is so cute 🙂

  4. lovely style! so georgeous

  5. Clare

    She has such a great, angelic look! Great girl crush 🙂

  6. She’s a very trend girl, isn’t she? 😉


  7. I originally fell for her as Summer in the OC, I loved her character 🙂 She is a beautiful woman and I can not believe she is nearly 30 (or is 30?)!!!! xx

  8. I love her hair in that last picture! ❤ LOVE it!

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