Sweaters for this winter…

With the weather getting more chilly over the past few days,  i knew it was time for winter to be greeting Hong Kong anytime soon. I still remember just a few weeks ago i was walking  in H&M and Forever 21 where i was bombarded with their gorgeous and earthy toned winter collections, which only made me longed for the hot and humid summers to be long gone even faster,  and so my wish came true. There was this sense of elation rise upon me just by the thought of what my next winter clothing purchase will be.

My first main winter clothing choice that i normally look for are sweaters and cardigans as they are the most basic.  I’ve seen so many varieties of sweaters ranging from different types of color, texture, design, and print, that i do not even know where to begin or buy! As always, i know i can rely on the trust worthy street styles for some fabulous inspirations and here are just a few of my fave take on for the cosy and warm sweater looks.

Photo source: weheartit

Which sweater look will you be sporting this winter?



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3 responses to “Sweaters for this winter…

  1. Yes: will definitely be rocking some sweaters this winter. They can look so cute, especially with jeans and boots.

  2. amazing looks! casual and comfortable! I love the XXL jumpers!

  3. Mmm,. bold and basics are my faves! Can’t wait to rock some knitwear 😉


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