Away but not for long…

I know i have been MIA for a while and before you think that i have given up on my blog, i rest assure you that i have not.  My computer actually broke down a few days after Halloween and i’m missing my blogging days majorly right now. To top it off, there has also been some problems with my internet connection, arghh….I’m actually blogging away during my lunch break at work now if you were wondering why i can update you all, lol.

However, there is good news.  I will be getting a new MacBook Pro soon so my blog will be up and running in no time, i can’t wait!!!! In the mean time, please bare with my MIA knowing that this break time is only temporarily.

And lastly, i hope all of you guys out there are doing superb and getting ready for the upcoming festive Christmas holidays.

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4 responses to “Away but not for long…

  1. My laptop broke down a few weeks ago too, I just got a new MacBook pro 🙂 enjoy it! It stinks having to buy a new computer but it’s nice to have a new one again.

  2. Can’t wait to have you back in the blogging world!

  3. Come back! I have a Mac and trust me, it’s a great investment!


  4. Oh that’s why you are not online all that much! Happy holiday shopping!

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