Day trip to Granville Island

As those that follow my blog will know, i went to Vancouver for my very first time in December, where i spent my Christmas there along with my two BFFs. I was beyond excited to celebrate such a festive holiday at my BFF’s home town, in a new surrounding and along with new experiences to remember by.

One of the must see places if you ever visit Vancouver is Granville Island. It’s a shopping district located in the False Greek and is one of the major tourist attractions. It’s also interesting to know that this much relaxed area was once an industrial and manufacturing area, and i always like to visit places that has a bit of history to it.


So it was much to my delight when i found out that BFF had arranged for a chilled lunch for us and some of her friends at “the sand bar”, a restaurant that serves fresh and delicious seafood in Granville Island. Ms. C and i were just as delighted knowing we would get to eat delicious food as we were in meeting some new faces, and quickly dragged out lazy butts out of bed.

Upon arriving to the sand bar, we were greeted by a lovely view of Granville Island, and there was even a bit of sunshine to welcome us. The sand bar is a lovely restaurant with wooden interiors and tall windows that allows a great view while you eat away in great company. There were 2 floors and we decided to sit on the lower floor where we quickly ordered our meal. I slowly and surely savored my black cod served with rice and veggies, where the black cod was  sweet, juicy, and smooth in its texture. It was definitely one of the best meals i had throughout my entire trip.



A walk in the Granville Island market was up next in our agenda as everyone were craving for a coffee fix. As this market was indoors, it was also the perfect way to stay out of the cold as the sun started setting in. Like a proper tourist, Ms. C and I wandered around the market where we found ourselves swarmed by endless stalls with people selling their local produces and goodies. The varieties of souvenirs to take home was endless, ranging from fresh fruits, chocolates, candies, pastries, maple syrup and maple syrup tea, to even rainbow colored lollipops with a quirky name like “suckers”. I have to confess, not the best of names for lollipops but it definitely caught my attention.









The non food zone within the market did not fail to ignite my curiosity or admiration either. A quick browse through the flower stands where i stood and admired the gorgeous colors was all it took to make me smile from within. It’s these small things in life where we really need to hold onto that very moment and live it . The were also plenty of DIY stalls for those that are more into the arty stuff.  I could not stop but stand in amazement when i passed by this stall where this lady was selling and making these really cute hand made Christmas decorations.







As the end of the day drew closer, we finished up getting our souvenirs, mostly food, and sat outside the benches to enjoy the view before biding farewell to Granville Island.


Have you ever been to Granville Island? And what great adventures did you have there?



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12 responses to “Day trip to Granville Island

  1. I definitely want to visit here one day! Looks great. The flowers and Christmas decorations look amazing.

  2. Oh so fuuun! I’ve never even been to Canada!!! Looks like so much fun!

  3. Love the pics! And looks fun! haha I’ve never been to Canada either…though I would like to someday!

  4. I’ve only ever visited Toronto briefly and Quebec, so I’d love to check out Vancouver someday – I have friends who used to call it home and they have nothing but amazing things to say about it. All that food looks so incredible Cinz! You always have the best food on here. Happy New Year to you by the way – hope you have a great time with your family and enjoy your days off!

  5. Awesome pictures – that food looks amazing!

    Pearls & Paws

  6. I love spending the day walking around Granville Island! There’s so much to do, eat, and see! The view is gorgeous right by the harbour too 🙂 Glad you enjoyed yourself, Cinz!

  7. Your pics are nom-tastic! I’ve been to Vancouver but I’d love to go some day!

  8. OMG. Flowers, rasberries, FOOOOOOD. Your posts always make me so happy, Cinz!


  9. Lovely photos! You have a talent in photography! 🙂

    After Flats

  10. I love Granville Island! All the fruits were so fresh and beautiful. I remember loving the fresh baked bagels that they had there. They were sooo good!

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