20th Anniversary Namie Amuro Asia Tour 2013

Namie Amuro has always been one of my favorite Japanese pop singers, where i started following her music way back in 1996. She is finally holding her very first concert in Hong Kong for her 2013 Asia tour, and tonight is the night!!! I absolutely love her, not to mention her pretty face and great sense of style!!!

I’m on the bus going to Asia World Expo where the concert will be held at so I’m super excited as I write this post now!!!! I gotta admit, waiting around 17 years to finally see her sing live is such a thrill, just all that anticipation and knowing I’ll hear her sing in less than 8 hours is so surreal!!!

I just wanted to pop in and share this great news of mine and i hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!! I know my weekend will be fabulous with Namie in my agenda!!! Here are some gorgeous photos of Namie Amuro so please enjoy.




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8 responses to “20th Anniversary Namie Amuro Asia Tour 2013

  1. She’s absolutely stunning. I’ve not heard of her before, so Ill be checking her out. Enjoy the show.

  2. thanks a lot for your nice comment 😀 I’m a huge fan of these little boxes haha! Yes this is my dog 🙂

    Bisous, Marie ♥

  3. oooh! I hope you have tons of fun (i’m sure you will.) Let us know how it was!

  4. swisshera

    She really doesn’t seem to age at all. I used to listen to her songs and I still listen to her from time to time. Her songs were so hit before!

  5. Wow she is absolutely gorgeous!

    Pearls & Paws

  6. swisshera

    Feel better soon!!! Spring season is full of virus 🙂 Love these quotes

  7. I’m sure you had an awesome time! 🙂

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