April Love 2013

April Love 2013One early morning, I spotted these oat cookies with honey nut and bought them to add to my snack drawer at work, along with my other Fauchon goodies and a sakura green tea sachet from Japan. Received a beautiful Tiffany & Co. jewelry bowl from a dear old friend, who i’ve not seen for over a year. She missed out on my 30th last year due to her hectic family business, and i was beyond touched when i found out she had this gift for me all this time. My Tiffany necklace and bracelet are already nicely placed in the bowl, just where they belong. Beauty products on my work desk for those emergency dates/night outs where in need to freshen up instantly, such as spraying on Jo Malone’s Nectarine Blossom & Honey cologne.  And hand cream and anti-bacterial hand gel are always a must for hygiene purposes.

Savoring my strawberry/blueberry yogurt dessert from Simply Life whilst catching up with a friend and reminiscing our fun times as flat mates back in London during our uni days. Upon leaving a shopping mall at 11pm, I couldn’t help but snap a pic of these beautiful flowers on display at the Agnès b. Fleuriste shop. Discovering art out of nowhere such as this heart made out of paper by Yulia Brodskaya, are one of those things that make life that much more interesting and beautiful.

Adding some lovely smelling “Bath & Body Works” shower gel to my bathroom, that another BFF from New York got me. Excited to try the sun-ripened raspberry scent already. Audrey Hepburn fever in full swing after watching her movie, Sabrina, and spontaneously decided to hunt down books about her. “How to be lovely” is an easy read and great way to look into the life of Audrey Hepburn, highly recommended for those that are fond of her. Enjoyed a Friday night in, skimming through the Cosmopolitan May issue while indulging over Bailey’s truffle chocolate bar, and watching Gossip Girl for the very first time. Yes, i’m a bit late on this American series but as the saying goes, always better later than never, right?

I am blessed for each and every day that was filled with love, fun, laughters, and sharing special moments with people I love and care for. You are my April Love 2013.



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7 responses to “April Love 2013

  1. nectarine blossom and honey cologne sounds amazing! i might have to try it!

  2. Looks like a great April – The Tiffany jewellery bowl is gorgeous. I’m tempted to get something from Tiffany now! Hope you had a good labor day off.

  3. That sundae/parfait looks amazing! And thanks for the heads up on the Irish soap I hope to get there one day.

  4. I totally have a snack drawer at work too and I have been meaning to try some Jo Malone fragrances, they seem so fresh and appealing! In answer to your question – no we don’t have Bath & Body works in the UK, though I have tried their products before. My aunt in HK stocked up when she was in the US for a business trip and I adore their apple hand soap – so fresh and fruity!

  5. Oh how nice – espeicially Audrey’s How to Be Lovely 🙂


  6. I love that dish, but I never would have guessed it was Tiffany! It is absolutely gorgeous:)

  7. Lovely post~ when is Audrey fever NOT in full swing 😉 have a wonderful and lovely May!


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