The Michael Kors watch effect

I remember never really being a watch person from when I was growing up as as teen, and all the way into the days during and after my university years. It was just one of those accessories that I did not think much of nor longed to have. It wasn’t like I hated watches or anything like that but I was simply never able to find that one watch that made me smile from within and love it. And so I let it be.

That all changed around two years ago when I couldn’t help but notice these Michael Kors watches being seen nearly everywhere amongst fashionistas on blogs and street style images. I have seen a lot of the MK watches in gold colors but my favorite is the rose gold. So on my trip to Vancouver last Christmas, I finally bought my very own Michael Kors watch in rose gold whilst on a road trip to the states for some outlet shopping. It was a real good price and a lot cheaper than the prices they sell it over here in Hong Kong. It has been two years since I eyed this MK watch and I knew the moment that I saw it, that it was the one. I still remember that joy, smile, and excitement it gave me as the sales assistant slowly adjusted the watch around my wrist. The style is casual yet stylish and elegant, where it’s at a relatively affordable price. Yes, it has been quite a wait for what it is but it was definitely worth it.












Photo source: weheartit



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4 responses to “The Michael Kors watch effect

  1. I know I love this chunky gold arm candy trend!!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  2. I do love how Michael Kors watches have become staples. I have a rose gold one and love it so much.

  3. When I worked in a jewellery/watch shop I used to drool over the Michael kors watches! And try them on a fair bit too šŸ˜‰ my favourite is the rose gold with a dark blue face xxx

  4. So happy that you found a watch you love. I’ve never been a watch person either so I will definitely let you know when I find one that makes me feel the same way hehe

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