Topshop has landed to Hong Kong!!!

Just a quick update to let you all know, Topshop is finally arriving to Hong Kong today, with its grand opening at local time 17:00!!! I am really excited about this news and i can’t wait to see what goodies i will find there. I also saw this super cute Topshop promotional truck down my home over the weekend, that was blasting out some up beat English music, and of course, i went to check it out. The public were invited to go inside the truck to write messages on these neon colored post it notes to send a little loving to Topshop. I thought that was super cute idea.

They also gave out freebies where i got a Topshop magazine, leaflet, and a lipgloss in deep red, called “FOX”. It’s a bit too dark of a red for my daily wear for work but i’m sure i’ll make some use of it during my night outs.

I was reading inside the leaflet and apparently a lot of fun stuff will be going on. I’m really looking forward to the complimentary make overs and styling your own outfit and take a photo in their photo booth, which you can upload onto Facebook and Twitter. But i’m pretty sure i won’t be part of the first 200 people in que to receive their goodie bags because i can’t imagine staying over night on the streets to fight the crowd and oh yes, i got work today! But Topshop, I still want to give you warm welcome to Hong Kong!!!



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8 responses to “Topshop has landed to Hong Kong!!!

  1. Whenever I see Topshop I think of Kate Middleton 🙂 She’s always photographed in their clothes. I love her lady-like style so I would love to check out the store. Would love to see what you buy!

  2. swisshera

    Oh I actually never shopped at Topshop before but now these brands are venturing into Hong Kong now, like A&F, VS and is getting interesting, enjoy!

  3. Ohh, how exciting. Enjoy Topshop – it’s fantastic.

  4. Ooo how exciting!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  5. oooo can’t wait to hear what you think after you’ve checked it out! (ie what the prices are like etc. haha)

  6. May

    I love that the London flagship Topshop store has a whole floor devoted to Vintage! I hope you will get some vintage in your Hong Kong store too….as you can find some really unique pieces sometimes. Its good to hear you are writing again and I have been following your posts through emails. Hope June will be equally as fun and filled with loving friends. I shall finally be watching the Great Gatsby in cinema tonight with my girls…so utterly excited! Have a fabulous week my dear!
    May x
    ps: Thank you for the utterly sweet comment!

  7. Ah I love this idea and the freebies are always a nice plus 😉
    When topshop opened in Sydney there was a HUGE line and it did make me chuckle a little and realise how lucky I am hailing from the uk where a topshop lines most high streets in and out of major cities!!

    Hope you find many many goodies and don’t spend too much money 😉


  8. Oh how cool. Cinz, you HAVE to let us know about your first purchase from Topshop!


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