The BFFs reunite!!!

As I sit by myself in Starbucks to enjoy my light dinner tonight, where mouthfuls of chicken veggie quiche slowly gets gobbled down along with a cuppa chai tea, I slowly and excitedly count down to every hour. My BFF, Ms.C, will be in town visiting for a brief 10 days and will be arriving at midnight.

It’s been 4 long months since we have last met so the excitement is gradually building up. My other BFF, Ms. S, is having dinner with her New York colleagues right now but once that clock strikes 00:00, all three of us will reunite in Hong Kong, just like the good old days. We are crashing at Ms. S’s flat this weekend and i got a feeling it will be lots of long chit chats into the wee morning. I can hardly wait to chill with my girls in the coming two weeks!!! Sipping on wine and cocktails, hiking up the peak, lunch’ing, facials, and shopping, are already on the agenda so looks like it’s off to a good start! Hopefully I’ll manage to remember to capture some fun moments on photos and share them with you all. Happy Friday and have a fab weekend guys!!!








Photo source: weheartit


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  1. You found all these nice pictures for your blog as always! Love them! Have fun and stay dry and healthy!

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