Lace for summer…

Sunny days with the beaming sun shining down my face, it can only be telling me one thing, this summer is surely hot. Around this time of the year, it gets extremely hot and humid, where we are talking about 28-33 degrees Celsius with humidity reaching as high as 90%. Sometimes I do wonder how I survive in this climate as well. With people wearing skimpy and summery outfits everywhere, I couldn’t help but notice the lace trend going on. I’ve always adored lace so it’s perfect timing.

I love how lace has the magical power to transform an outfit and bring sex appeal with minimal effort. Just pop a simple sleeveless lace top over a pair of shorts or skinny jeans and it’s casual yet sexy. Or pick out that lace dress that hugs you at the right places and shows off just enough skin to make the gentlemen turn wild.

Will you be doing lace for this summer?











Photo source: weheartit

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  1. I love the lace trend – it’s such a perfect vibe for summer.

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