June Love 2013


Enjoyed a relaxing Saturday night out while Ms. C was in town visiting, where the taste of fresh and delicious sashimi and sushi was slowly savored and plum wine was infused to sweeten our taste buds. Fathers day was played low key where we had steak down our local restaurant. Following the last few years, I would always get dad a cake and this year was no exception. I got him a strawberry mousse cake, where the taste of the sweetness and sourness was just right. Pampering time where BFFs and I went to the “feel good factor” to get our manicure and pedicure done. The barbie pink feet of mine was just perfect to greet the summery days, while my funky two color toned nails in bright yellow and orange, expressed the fun side of me.

Girls night out with my BFFs, Ms.S and Ms. C, at our good old fave shisha bar, Sahara, where I sipped on my strawberry martini and moved my body along to the rhythm of the music. Received a postcard from a dear friend who was in San Fran and traveling around in the states. This reminded me of how little people do snail mails nowadays and that I always cherish each and every mail I get in the post. The taste of my sweet and chilly strawberry margarita at Harlan’s with an old friend from London visiting, whilst overlooking the night view of Hong Kong from the 19th floor, was beyond breath taking.

Spent the night at Ms. S’s flat where I was greeted by her beautiful white roses in the living room as I headed off to work. Beauty in such a simple form is all you need at times to brighten your morning. Got a Topshop goodie bag with a leaflet, magazine, and hot red lipgloss to promote their grand opening in Hong Kong. New metallic heels and printed harem pants purchased for no reason because spontaneous shopping once in a while makes it that much more unexpected and fun.

I am blessed for each and every day that was filled with love fun, laughters, and sharing special moments with people i love and care for. You are my June Love 2013.



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2 responses to “June Love 2013

  1. Now that it’s July, can’t wait to see what you’ll be up to! Perhaps a trip to London town? 😛

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