We go through changes constantly throughout our lives, at an never ending cycle. Change can be ones worse enemy as we are more at ease with what we are familiar with. Or it can be the best thing to happen to you. It is through change and challenges, that an individual grows as a person and overcomes their fear.

Today could just be the day where I experienced the biggest change in my entire life, in terms of my career. Words cannot even describe how I feel. My manager had resigned, with this Friday being her last day. I got promoted this morning, and not only am I responsible for my department, but I have to manage and train a new staff that we hired a month ago! This new staff will be needing my guidance and she will report to me directly. I am filled with mixed emotions right now – feeling excited, scared, nervous, and doubting myself, all at the same time. The departure of my manager was immensely felt today in the office, as we went through our 3.5 hours of hand over talk and the pressure was surely on, with the given information overload. Yet, a recent friend of mine, reminded me of something very important in life and he told me ” just don’t forget that everything is difficult in the beginning”. I hold these words very close to my heart and mind during this desperate time in need. It will be a big change and challenge ahead but I know it is for the better. This is a great opportunity of a life time and I shall embrace it:)

I have not much else to say and just really wanted to share some inspirational photos with you all. I guess this is the perfect moment to express the saying that “photos speak a thousand words”.















Photo source: weheartit



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3 responses to “Change…

  1. Me

    Oh wow! Way to good!! U can do it!! Just have faith in urself!!

  2. swisshera

    Congrats girl! Wow that is definitely a big change, hopefully, you will soon enjoy it as a good change! I once told myself before I stop working – I gotta make it “there” before I quit my job. It is something about making it there, the drive and the dedication that gets me ready for the bigger challenge in the future. I hope you can see it soon 🙂 I wish you succeed in the new role, and success comes with a price. Enjoy, and tough it out! Enjoy every bit of stress, arguments, disagreements, and sweat, and GOOD LUCK!! xoxo

  3. Congratulations on the promotion! Sounds like you deserved it. You’ll be amazing in the new role.

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