July Love 2013

Nothing more relaxing than enjoying a delicious choco mint and taro ice cream on a sunny weekend. Organizing my nail polish collection and had them neatly stacked in my newly purchased transparent box from Muji. Saturday night out with BFF, trying a new bar in LKF, whilst sipping away on my exotic lychee sangria.

Losing myself in a homeware shop, where I was captivated by their cute nick nacks, such as candle holders, clocks, photo frames, note books, and the list goes on. Finally went to the Totoro exhibition, which was the talk of town recently, and i fell in love with this giant sized Totoro stuffed animal instantly! Totoro is just oh so cute and fluffy!!!! Impulsive shopping spree to stock up on my summer outfits at h&m is always fun times.

A glass of red wine with BFF while overlooking the Victoria Harbour, is the way to kill any Monday blues. Bought a pair of neon colored Nike trainers to add some fun for my gym and hiking sessions. I’ve always wanted a wooden alphabet stand and i was in heaven when I came across this shop that was selling these alphabets in red,black, and white, and at a cheap price too. Now I just need to decide what alphabet to get.

I am blessed for each and every day that was filled with love, fun, laughters, and sharing special moments with people i love and care for. You are my July Love 2013.


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  1. You are totally blessed love… enjoy all the blessings and of course always enjoy life!!!


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