a change of season, a change of color

It was another lazy Thursday morning and after snoozing my alarm clock twice, i quickly got dressed and left home to go to work. I could feel the brisk cool air against my face as i walked down the street and that’s when it hit me. The  autumn season was slowly approaching, where the remaining time for those hot summer days will be cherished whilst it lasts.


Though the hot and sunny days will be missed, the idea of wearing my loose sweaters, warm cardigans, black leather jacket, and my stylish light brown suede boots, i’m already convinced that i’m ready to embrace the cold weather in style. It’s also a time where we say bye bye to vibrant summery colors and inject earthy tones such as brown, beige, and black into our wardrobes. But one color that i am particular fond of is the mustard yellow. And guess what? I’m already on the look out for a mustard colored sweater.

What is your favorite color for autumn/winter?

mustard jacket








Photo  source: weheartit



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3 responses to “a change of season, a change of color

  1. Love this mustard colour. I think a bright colour like this is perfect to brighten up the dark days. I do love wearing plum in the winter though.

  2. Oh yeah I am big fan of the mustard or what I like to call marigold yellow. Can ya tell? : ) Ooo never thought of doing mustard colored tights this is a GREAT idea.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  3. Such great colours! My family are all pretty happy that they can turn their air con off at home (in HK) so they are definitely enjoying the cooler, more manageable weather. I think this time would be a great time to visit HK. I need to remember this for the future!

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