Love is…

It’s another typical Monday blues moment for me and to top it off, i am still recovering from my flu and sore throat. Sadly the work was piling up at work, where i had to work over time for an hour today, and then rain greeted me as i bid farewell to my office building. Could it get any worse, i asked myself?

loveThen a thought popped to my mind. It only stays as crap as you want it to be if you let it. So what other better way to combat horrible Monday blues than embracing the ever biggest word that we all need and look for (and sometimes take for granted), and yes my friend, that would be LOVE. What would we do or be without you? Love is a bizarre feeling. It’s that feeling where you feel butterflies in your tummy during your very first kiss, you smile nonstop knowing what special friends you have as they pick you up during your lowest point in life, such as during a painful break up, or it could be a simple gesture of saying “i love you” to a very special someone.

Here are a few simple gestures that i want to share with you all as a reminder just how easy it is to show your love. And guess what? It’s never too late to do so…Hopefully this will help brighten your Monday Blues if you happen to have one today.

1. Just a simple hug and that’s all it takes to show your love for someone.


2. It can be as easy as buying some pretty cookies for your colleagues at work.

heart cookies

3. Get personal and write a love letter to your other half, instead of the usual SMS or whatsapp message.

love letters

4. Smiling is an infectious way to spread the love. You be surprised at how much better you feel even if you smile to yourself during a bad day.


5. Spend some quality girls time and enjoy a round of cocktails after work, where you pour your heart out and vent to each other. It’s the kind of love known as true friendship.


6. Don’t worry about being sappy and watch your fave romance movie (“the Note Book” comes to my mind) at home, and get some tissues ready. Some tears of joy and sorrow are bound to be shed, just like in the real world of love.

the notebook

What’s your way of showing your appreciation to your loved ones?

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3 responses to “Love is…

  1. This is such a beautiful and inspiring post 🙂

    Maybe you would like to follow each other with Bloglovin? Let me know xxx

  2. Ah so true, sometimes it is hard to stay positive, especially in such a big and over crowded city like NY where everyone is on top of each other. But I do my best. And oh yeah do not see much on my commute either. There is one guy though I see on the train he is always impeccably dressed in a fashion forward way but I still get the impression he likes women. He sort of dresses like the guy in the hat and suspenders.

    Allie of Dressing Ken

  3. Oh my gosh, The Notebook always makes me so happy! And cuddling is proven to be more uplifting than anti-depressants 🙂

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