Current lust: Wedged trainers

I know the wedge trainer trend has been around for quite a few years but i can’t help but keep wondering about this bizarre cross over. Heels and trainers cross over is differently something in the fashion world, which you either like or hate. I have been thinking about this foot wear trend for quite a while and i still can’t decide if i want to give it a try.

wedged trainers

I definitely think it’s great footwear for those casual outings on the weekends, such as meeting up some friends over lunch or doing your local grocery shopping in the hood. And best yet, you get comfort while looking stylish too.

Do you like or hate the wedged trainer look?








Photo source: Pinterest



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6 responses to “Current lust: Wedged trainers

  1. Thank you for comment honey 🙂

    I love wedges! I think they’re great for Fall season and I’m looking forward to get myself a nice pair of those 🙂

  2. Hi Cinzee, long time no talk! I am a fan of wedge trainers. I truly thought they were the most ridiculous thing I ever saw when I first saw them, but then when you see them on people, worn the right way, they’re actually really cute!

  3. I thought about getting a pair of these but I’m already Five foot eight so I sorta don’t want sneakers that make me taller but they are very cute to look at and if you are on the shorter side they are great

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  4. Love this look so much! I have a few wedge trainers and I love wearing them.

  5. I like the dark ones but I don’t actually own any. I think they can look really cool!

  6. I think they are adorable! but like you, I have yet to jump on the bandwagon…..I just keep thinking the trend is going to end so I wait, and then it doesn’t? I didn’t know that it had been happening for a few years now???

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