Chinese New Year 2014

Every time during the early months of the year, i always look forward to the festive Chinese New Year, where celebrations are in full swing. Chinese decorations and colorful flowers are seen everywhere, from the streets, shopping malls, offices, and homes. Red represents good luck and gold represents good wealth so these two colors will always be strongly visible during this time of the year.


It’s been a tradition since I was in high school, where my family and i will go back to our village in Shenzhen, China to spend 2 or 3 days there, just visiting relatives and experience the festive Chinese New Year spirits. There are firecrackers heard in the day time and night time in our village to celebrate the new year, and kids are running around everywhere as schools are closed during Chinese New Year. Plenty of luxurious food such as Chinese style roasted pork, chicken, seafood including shrimps, oysters, scallops, and fish, are served to the family to represent wealth and a prosperous year ahead. My favorite is always the candy box where you serve this box to families and friends whenever they come over to visit, and you welcome them with Chinese candies or other snacks such as pistachios, nuts, and etc.

There’s also a dragon dance in our village during the early morning on the first day of the Chinese New Year, and i woke up just in time to witness it this time. The dragon is actually supported by people who are holding it from underneath in order maneuver the dragon, and i’ve been told that it’s quite a tough job. The dragon also has to do one entire lap around the entire village, which takes around 45 mins to 1 hour.


My mom like every year, will always decorate our home with colorful flowers to welcome the new year and i never get tired of taking photos of these gorgeous flowers. This year was no exception, and here are some photos that i took over the Chinese New Year.







This year my family and i decided to be experimental so we took the Shenzhen Metro and headed to our destination, the Houhai station. It took around 45 mins to get there from where we live and i thought that was pretty far but it fun to explore something new. We took the escalators up from the Shenzhen metro and upon arriving to the surface, i felt the warm sun beaming on my face, and the sky was light blue with some fluffy clouds floating around. It was the perfect weather to be out and as we were about to walk through this white tunnel passage way, that had Chinese lanterns hanging from it, i couldn’t help but notice how lovely the skies looked against the white tunnel passage way. As we walked through the tunnel, there was this big spacious area that was filled with cafes, bars, and some benches for public usage. I instantly felt like i was in Europe and they even had Costa cafe, one of the cafes that i would frequent when i lived in London!

IMG_3227 IMG_3230 IMG_3148IMG_3152

I was quite taken by surprise to see how westernized this area looked and shortly after, i quickly followed my parents as we went inside a shopping mall to try this lunch buffet that my mom had tried before. As expected, the food wasn’t that good and i didn’t even bother taking photos of the food. However, the restaurant itself was beautifully decorated with Chinese lanterns and flowers, and it had such a festive vibe to it.

The day ended with some window shopping and then we had to return to the village as other relatives were on their way to wish us a happy Chinese New Year. And not long after that, i took the train back home by myself to Hong Kong, which i had dearly missed…




IMG_3193Photo credits: all photos by me



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3 responses to “Chinese New Year 2014

  1. Oh you are right this does look very western…weird. LOVE the red lanterns in the archway! My friends live in China Town in Seattle and they love to watch and take part in all the Chinese New Year celebrations.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  2. Hope you had an amazing CNY – Your photos are lovely. We only have a few flowers in our house but my family in HK do the same same and send me lots of lovely pics!

  3. It would be so cool to see Chinese New Year in China! My family is all Chinese but from Thailand, but even so I’ve never made it all the way there for the New Year… Chinatown’s the best I’ve got.

    belle + compass

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