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Bow me away!!!

I think i feel a bow inspiration coming this way, peeps! What can i say? I used to love bows as a kid and quite frankly, it’s never really left us (or me anyway, lol) in the fashion sense, has it? This trend has been recycled repeatedly and it’s a trend that i see never dying. Bows are so cute and sweet that it would just be sad to see it gone, don’t  you think so?!

Here are some great inspirational bow photos that i found and i hope they inspire you as well.  It’s amazing how bows can be incorporated into almost everything,  from hair clips, clothes, shoes,  hairbands,  bags,  lingerie, and the list goes on!  As the saying goes, the sky is the limit 😉

Happy Friday and lets bow in style,lol…

Bows on the catwalk scene

Daily Bow Inspirations

Photo Source: tumblr, style, fashionising, and Stockholm streetstyle



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My Tiffany

 It’s been a few days since i last blogged and i have to say, i really enjoyed my blogging break this time. I had 4 amazing days with my brother and his family, and i’m already missing the kids soooo much!!! They left yesterday and it was so weird when i came home and it was dead silent, lol. Oh well, I guess we need to get back to our daily life routines at some point, right?

I know this is a super duper delayed post but I just remembered that i forgot to show you guys what BF got me for Valentines Day!!!! He was really sweet and took me to this steak house Wooloomooloo where we had a nice evening over delish steak and red wine:) And then he surprised me with this lovely Tiffany braclet!!! I only just got my braclet back recently as i had to get it altered, which was over a month ago! So you can imagine how happy i am to be reunited with my Tiffany baby, i love it!!! 

Anyhow, hope you all are enjoying your weekend, have a great one:D


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Sparkly gadgets by Swarovski

Photo Source

Don’t they just look so adorable and cute? Meet piggy Howard and chicky Maurice! I really think that they add that extra bling to our techy gadgets, especially as i tend to use UBS keys that look plain and dull. They can store up to 1 GB of data and that translates to about 1000 photos or 250 songs. Not bad for little fellas like these right?:)

If you’re looking for a more mature and fashion forward option, i think this UBS key disguised as a lock with crystals embedded  is the perfect one.

Photo Source

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Bag it to me

I have recently been thinking about getting a designer brand bag but i can’t seem to figure out what to go for. You would think i’m trying to look for Mr. Right at this rate i’m going. I guess we just want to find the best, be it quality or price (only that men don’t have a price on them or do they? lol) . Anyway, so my first options that came straight to mind were LV and Gucci but that seemed abit too commercial and boring. I was talking to a friend the other day and she suggested Chloe and quite honestly, i never really noticed their bags for some reason. I quickly googled these goodies online and was quite pleased with what i saw. Their style is stylish and modern but not too flashy, which is exactly what i’m looking for. It’s not too much to ask for a bag that is durable and practical or just simply timeless, right? Lets just hope  i will be able to find my “it” bag before i go to London (fingers crossed). With so many Chloe bags available in the market, i decided to start by sharing with you on a few selections that i have in mind. Hopefully this will narrow down my bag search dilemma.

 Paraty medium python bag, $3,825

Paraty Large leather tote, $1,995

Marcie Hobo Cross-Body leather bag, $1,265

Marcie Large leather bag, $1,790

Marcie Large leather bag, $1,790

Marci Hobo, Large, $1,595

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Hello Kitty coin purse and Kit Kat choco all the way from Japan!!!!:)

One of my good friends recently came back from a short holiday in Tokyo, Japan and got me this super cute and petite gift!!! She bought me a  Hello Kitty coin purse and green tea flavored Kit Kat chocolate bar!!! Yes, i have a thing with trying all sorts of  food that isn’t in it’s original flavor, its just so much more interesting, hehe. Actually the Kit Kat choco bar came in a box but my mom ate the other packet!!! So that’s why you only see one packet of choco bar in the photo below incase you’re wondering, lol.  Anyhow, so her reason for getting me this coin purse is that it reminded her of me – cute and petite??????? Hm……..well whatever, i’m loving it and i’ve been using it everyday so bite me, lol. Just to let you know though, i’m not  a Hello Kitty fan, haha.

Please kindly click on images to enlarge:)


This is how it looks when it’s opened

That’s my hand so you can see how petite the coin purse is!!!

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Time for DIY Fashion Accesory!!!

I was just reading  the iconic fashion blog when i came across a little DIY project that blogger Lisa Chau wrote about and its pretty neat.  She teaches you how to make a DIY version of the Dries Van Noten necklace made of bangles/rings. I think its a really great idea and i’ll attempt to give it ago in the near future,lol. All the details and photos below are taken from her blog and so no credits go to me;) Do check her blog out as it’s got alot of juicy fashion news!!!!

What do you need?

  • Black velvet ribbon (Approx 30cm)
  • Various bangles and rings of all shapes, colours and sizes. (It looks best when you stick to one theme)
  • Vintage rings
  • Big beads and buttons

What to do?

  • Knot the top of one end of the ribbon leaving about an 8cm gap from the edge of the ribbon to the centre area.
  • Tie the first ring to the knot so that the rings don’t fall off the string.
  • Thread through some vintage rings of all shapes, colours and sizes to the end of the knot.
  • Finish that section by tying another ring in a knot so that you can start the other section.
  • Put your bangles through the string in a fancy order to best achieve the desired result.
  • Knot the edge to finish off leaving extra string space at the end of the neckpiece to tie on.
  • Tie back edges together to complete.

Enjoy and have fun with this Fashion DIY project!!!:)

Photo Source

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Buckle up your heels ladies

For all Stiletto fanatics out there, this is a collection that i say is worth checking out!!! I just came across this Italian designer Frankie Morello and im simply drooling over these sexy heels!!! His Spring 2010 collection is full of colors which i totally adore. Im all about shocking and striking colors when it comes my heels (unless its work where its the boring cliche black,lol). What’s really interesting is how he incorporated these belts buckle design which i find is a very clever fashion idea! I guess fashion inspiration comes from all walks of life eh???  

Photo Source:

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