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Belated Happy Mother’s Day


Shouting out loud a very belated Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely moms out there!!! I love you mom and you are the best mommy anyone can ever ask for. Thanks for the unconditional love and life sacrifices you made for us throughout these years, and still do. I know its been a lot of work! Love you always…

And yes, we all loved and gobbled down the velvet lady cake and McDonald’s macarons like there was no tomorrow!

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March Love 2014

marchloveRoaming down rows upon rows of books inside Page One bookstore on a Friday night, and finally treated myself to the “Decorate Workshop” book by Holly Becker, to add onto my interior decoration book collection. Her book is filled with beautiful and inspiring images. Trying a new Korean cosmetic brand, ETUDE HOUSE, where the pretty and girlie packaging of the glow stick and illuminator powder stole my heart away. Enjoying my delish taro and chocolate mint ice cream after work with dad, just because.

Noticing a pattern in my color choices during a shopping spree at H&M, consisting of black, white, and grey – some basic wear colors that i love. I left the shop empty handed and felt this unusual sense of liberation upon me. Taking a quiet stroll at the North District Park after gym, and spotted these beautiful flowers. Spring is definitely on its way. Indulgences at work amongst my colleagues and i, with mouthfuls of these delightful marzipan with plum, strawberry, and grape filling, that i got from Denmark. They are completely heavenly.

Welcoming spring with some pretty shades of pink. Dolling up in pink nail polish and pink blush, while spraying on my feminine Forever and Ever Dior perfume, as i embrace the day ahead of me. Finally starting to write down my thoughts and plans for 2014 in my newly purchased pink diary. It’s always up lifting and motivating to have a vision for the near future and staying organized in our daily hectic life style, while writing down random thoughts and inspirations that comes to mind unexpectedly. Giving Australian beauty brand, Lucas Papaw Ointment, a try after hearing all the rave about it lately. Lovely Sunday chill day where things like a cuppa cappuccino, cookies n cream cheese cake, checking blogs, and reading my Starbucks book, is all i want to do.

I am blessed for each and everyday that was filled with love, fun, laughters, and sharing special moments with people I love and care for. You are my March Love 2014.


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Happy Valentines Day

It is that time of the year again. Valentines Day. That time where the expression of love is stronger than ever. Everywhere i go, there are couples to my left and right, where all the gestures of Valentines is clearly visible. The sweet sight of hugs, giggles, and smiles being exchanged, and roses being handed to their other half as they plant a tender kiss on those soft lips, of whom shall be their one and only Valentine. As a singleton myself, it is this day where i am reminded that there is still true love out there for everyone. It is only a matter of when and where. And i always believe that if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.


And as i witness couples walking hand in hand, i smile to myself knowing i’ll be reuniting with my girlfriends for some fun time tonight. It’s a Valentines night for my single ladies who will be enjoying some delicious Japanese food, exotic cocktails, and scrumptious chocolate chip  cookie with vanilla ice cream. The night is still young as they say…

May you all have a happy Valentines day no matter who you spend it with!


















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Love is…

It’s another typical Monday blues moment for me and to top it off, i am still recovering from my flu and sore throat. Sadly the work was piling up at work, where i had to work over time for an hour today, and then rain greeted me as i bid farewell to my office building. Could it get any worse, i asked myself?

loveThen a thought popped to my mind. It only stays as crap as you want it to be if you let it. So what other better way to combat horrible Monday blues than embracing the ever biggest word that we all need and look for (and sometimes take for granted), and yes my friend, that would be LOVE. What would we do or be without you? Love is a bizarre feeling. It’s that feeling where you feel butterflies in your tummy during your very first kiss, you smile nonstop knowing what special friends you have as they pick you up during your lowest point in life, such as during a painful break up, or it could be a simple gesture of saying “i love you” to a very special someone.

Here are a few simple gestures that i want to share with you all as a reminder just how easy it is to show your love. And guess what? It’s never too late to do so…Hopefully this will help brighten your Monday Blues if you happen to have one today.

1. Just a simple hug and that’s all it takes to show your love for someone.


2. It can be as easy as buying some pretty cookies for your colleagues at work.

heart cookies

3. Get personal and write a love letter to your other half, instead of the usual SMS or whatsapp message.

love letters

4. Smiling is an infectious way to spread the love. You be surprised at how much better you feel even if you smile to yourself during a bad day.


5. Spend some quality girls time and enjoy a round of cocktails after work, where you pour your heart out and vent to each other. It’s the kind of love known as true friendship.


6. Don’t worry about being sappy and watch your fave romance movie (“the Note Book” comes to my mind) at home, and get some tissues ready. Some tears of joy and sorrow are bound to be shed, just like in the real world of love.

the notebook

What’s your way of showing your appreciation to your loved ones?

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August Love 2013

Aug Love 2013

Take away sashimi rice and an ice cold peach drink are the best lunch options for those lazy weekends, and of course, catching up on my fashion mags. Being bombarded by all these different Japanese branded mascaras at the cosmetic shop SaSa, and stared in admiration on their cute packaging but left empty handed. Enjoying some delish cupcakes from Sift, a cupcake shop around my office, because sometimes we just need a treat for no reason.

Family weekend trip to Sai Kung in celebration for my cousin’s new born baby girl, where seafood and sunny weather completed our day. Admiring flowers in the supermarket because they just bring a smile to my face with all the gorgeous colors and blossoms. Celebrating a good old friend’s birthday at Hooray Bar, over delicious food, wine, and great chit chats. Her birthday surprise came in the form of a tiramisu birthday dessert, which was camouflaged into this cute plant.

A busy month filled with birthdays where i still write and mail birthday cards to my nearest and dearest, such as my sister back in London and my BFF in Beijing. Put on some trainers and off i went on the running track for 5 laps to kill off the stress from a hectic week at work. A lovely ending to August before autumn arrives, over a quiet dinner at Nishiki Don in Tsim Sha Tsui, eating sashimi, sushi, and my fave plum wine , with great food and great company.

I am blessed for each and every day that was filled with love, fun, laughters, and sharing special moments with people i love and care for. You are my August Love 2013.


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The BFFs reunite!!!

As I sit by myself in Starbucks to enjoy my light dinner tonight, where mouthfuls of chicken veggie quiche slowly gets gobbled down along with a cuppa chai tea, I slowly and excitedly count down to every hour. My BFF, Ms.C, will be in town visiting for a brief 10 days and will be arriving at midnight.

It’s been 4 long months since we have last met so the excitement is gradually building up. My other BFF, Ms. S, is having dinner with her New York colleagues right now but once that clock strikes 00:00, all three of us will reunite in Hong Kong, just like the good old days. We are crashing at Ms. S’s flat this weekend and i got a feeling it will be lots of long chit chats into the wee morning. I can hardly wait to chill with my girls in the coming two weeks!!! Sipping on wine and cocktails, hiking up the peak, lunch’ing, facials, and shopping, are already on the agenda so looks like it’s off to a good start! Hopefully I’ll manage to remember to capture some fun moments on photos and share them with you all. Happy Friday and have a fab weekend guys!!!








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Flowers are a girl’s best friend…

Lately i feel like i’ve been living my life in a flash, it’s like i don’t even know where the time went, yet i do. Gone are the late nights with my BFF looking for our familiar bistros to cure our hunger nearly every Friday night and those countless 2-3am mid night cab rides going back home alone. Gone are the days of meeting up with friends from out of town partying it up and eating 24/7. Yup, that pretty much sums up how my May went by. I guess i am at a point in my life where i feel quite confused about myself and trying to figure out some things. But no worries, i know things will be okay. As long as i have the hope and will for every next step in my life, then each day is already a blessing. I guess i’ve always been a fighter in that sense. Now the question is, what’s up next????


With that said, there is one form of beauty that never fails to put a smile on my face and it does not cost a fortune either. Yes, as my blog title suggests, that would be my admiration for flowers. It’s one of those simplest things in life but can do such wonders to lift your mood up. It’s absolutely amazing at how flowers can transform a home to add warmth and style to it or become a fashion accessory, such as a flower hair band. If i could, i would like to think that flowers are a girl’s best friend. Don’t you think so?

1largeSONY DSCflowers11large3713108flowers7flowers3flowers10119flowers84


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