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January Love 2013

Jan 2013

Finally managed to get a taste of my very first box of macarons from Laduree in Hong Kong, thanks to my dearest BFF who surprised me with them one night. You should had heard my “omg” shriek, hehe. Catching up with a good friend over red velvet cupcake and a mocha at Brick Lane after a very filling Shanghainese dinner. Adding some nail fun with my new American Apparel nail polishes to kick off those cold winter days. Love the golden “Meteor Shower” glitter nail polish!

Walked passed Harvey Nichols whilst taking a walk during lunch hours, and was in love with this gorgeous giant Miss Dior perfume shown on their window display. Stocked up on some crafty decorative tapes to add onto my stationary collection. Finally got my lovely and fave Chloe eau de parfum back in my perfume collection and oh my, how i have missed you sooo dearly. You will always be my fave.

Last min shopping spree and got this golden snake necklace and leopard peplum top for my company annual safari themed dinner party, where i was MC’ing away in Ms. Leopard style. Received these ever as cute flower balloons from a colleague who was leaving our company, such a sweet gesture. Celebrated a good old friend’s belated 30th birthday and enjoyed a “Fallen Angel Chocolate Bath” dessert, which was a chocolate cake with whipped cream and a shot of espresso to pour over it, super delish!

I am blessed for each and every day that was filled with love, fun, laughters, and sharing special moments with people i love and care for. You are my January Love 2013.


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Winter nail polish fun

Waking up to chilly mornings in the winter time is always no fun, at least not for me. But there is nothing where a little bit of nail polish fun that can’t brighten those dull winter days that are here to stay for a while.  One of the top beauty fun things i like to do is go out and look for some new nail polishes that suits the season. This time of the year is when i tend to shy away from summery and bright nail polishes and bring out the more wintery and earthy toned nail polishes.


With my recent trip to Vancouver where i had my first Christmas there, i managed to buy some lovely nail polishes from American Apparel.   I popped into the shop following my friend’s lead where i could already sense a style that was nowhere close to mine, with their casual attire to my left and right, I quickly had my eyes directed to the cashier. That was the moment i saw this tall and big see through plastic shelf holding these gorgeous and colorful nail polishes that was calling out my name. There were so many varieties ranging from neon, metallic, glitter, glow in the dark, sheer, to their normal nail polish colors to choose from. It almost felt like being this young girl in the candy shop and drooling over everything!

Americanapparel1Peacock, Mount Royal, and Hunter

I had my heart set on getting more wintery color tones and i stuck to my guns. I gave sheer and neon a try but it was not working for me. I finally chose 3 more darker tones, with the dark turquoise “Peacock”,  dark blue “Mount Royal” and dark green “Hunter”, and. To add a bit of fun, i also got the golden glitter “Meteor Shower” and rainbow glitter “Supernova”, to kick some life to those nails of mine. I have not tried them yet and as this is my very first time using nail polish from American Apparel, i am really excited to try them out. Chinese new year is arriving next month so it’s the perfect time to try the glittery ones out!

americanapparel2Meteor Shower and Supernova

Which nail polish brands are your favorites? and what do you think of the American Apparel nail polishes?


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