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May Love 2013


Walked by a local flower shop and stood for minutes in admiration of these beautiful and colorful flowers, and made my way home with a smile. Enjoyed a lovely weekend with an old middle school friend who was in town from Canada, where delish brunch with my fave roasted potatoes and scrambled eggs with peppers were gobbled down, and served with a latte. Definitely a good way to freshen up after a late night out partying. Discovered some funky wall art exhibiting Hong Kong with images of endless rows of tall buildings, a distinctive trait of this compact city.

Old fashion magazines discovered during room cleaning, and made into good use, as a temporary stand for my random nick nacks. The infamous giant 16.5 meter rubber duck , an inflatable art piece by Dutch artist, Florentijin Hofman finally arrived to Hong Kong, and will be floating around Victoria Harbour for a month. Apparently this rubber duck has visited different waters across the world, including Osaka, Sydney, Sao Paolo, Amsterdam, and many more. The purpose for this rubber duck is to spread the joy around the world and put smiles on people’s faces, and has been doing so since 2007. Being a tourist for a day in my own city and rediscovered some old temples, such as the infamous Man Mo Temple, located in Central.

BFF and i tried a new brunch place, Cafe inside, around her neighborhood in Sai Ying Pun. The art decor, stylish furnishes, friendly service definitely won us over. Oh and their blueberry toast was simply orgasmically divine! A walk around Gold Coast to enjoy the nature side of Hong Kong, followed by seafood dinner in celebration for my uncle’s birthday with the family. Mothers day spent on a calm Sunday evening over steak, papaya chicken salad, and hot lemon tea at Dan Ryans, and a yummy raspberry soft cheese cake i got from Agnes b. The sweetness and softness of the cake was just perfect.

I am blessed for each and every day that was filled with love fun, laughters, and sharing special moments with people i love and care for. You are my May Love 2013.



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My sweet 30th!!!

It has been a while since i last blogged but i just thought i would drop by and let you all know that i’m back from Europe and that i had a lovely trip, where i got to celebrate my big 30th birthday with all my families back home in Denmark!!!

It was truly a memorable and joyous day filled with laughter, joy, delicious food, which included our must have traditional Danish birthday cake that was decorated with tons of Danish flags, and most importantly, all my lovely families that were there to spend this special day with me. I’m already missing everyone so dearly, especially my 3 little cutie pies, my nephew and nieces!!!

Anyhow, just a quick update but i will be back very soon to update you all on my lovely adventures!!! Take care for now and have a happy mid autumn festival for those that celebrate this festive Asian celebration:)

Photo accredited to me


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Confessions of a Shopaholic – how it all began for me

So how did I come around in liking this Confessions of a Shopaholic book so much? Well, it just so happened that I was walking aimlessly one night and found myself entering the book store Page One in Central. So there I was strolling along endless rows of books when this hot pink cover with the word “SHOPAHOLIC” caught my attention, hehe. Yes ladies, and that was how my obsession with the Shopaholic books started.

Now you can imagine the excitement I must have had when I heard that a movie was going to be released based on the book by Sophie Kinsella. After a long wait, the time had finally arrived and on March 2nd, 2009, my best mate Conni and I hit the big screens with much anticipation for it (well, that was how I felt). It was quite funny because I felt exactly the same way I felt when I went to watch the “Sex and the City” movie, and it was as if an addiction of some sort was dying to blow out.

Overall, I must say, the movie did not give me the WOW factor but I still loved it dearly and was in tears from laughing, especially the scene where Isla Fisher does her dancing moves in Miami with the ever so charming bloke Luke Brandon, as played by Hugh Dancy. Yeah, I actually find quite a charm in men of his looks lately, which quite honestly is not my cup of tea normally. Probably it was his British accent and wit, hahaha. I also think Isla Fisher was the perfect role to play Becky Bloomwood. She was so funny and clueless in her own sweet ways.

After watching this movie, I can honestly admit that I am not a shopaholic!!!! Yes, there I was thinking if I should go to therapy, lol.  I am clearly not as crazy as Rebecca Bloomwood and I would never ever go to the extreme that she did just for the sake of a Gucci bag, Jimmy Choo stilettos, or whatever designer label product you can think of. Then again, I went to the Bazaar sale last night in Harbor City Shopping mall with Harriet. She is pure evil because she told me about the sale when I said I was on a budget!!!! Anyhow, I managed to control myself and limited myself to only buying the Molton Brown body scrub and de- stressing hair condition, which I so needed (yeah right). I mean, it only came down to a total of HK$180 and for MOLTON BROWN!!!?!?!? I say that is too good of a bargain to be missed. Yes, we always give ourselves excuses when we want something, and take this coming from a woman who loves to shop. Crap, did I just say love and shop in the same sentence?:P

I have uploaded some photos as taken from certain scenes of the movie so click on it to see a close up, hehe.  Now i gotta say, I love that photo of Becky and Luke at the hot dog stand. That was their first encounter and what he did for her during one of her shopping crisis  was really sweet in a funny way but lets not spill the beans here for those who have yet to watch it. As for that hideous neon pink dress with rainbow colored ruffles, it just ties in with a superficial way of testing friendship to the next level, very meaningful dress I shall put it 😉 And did I mention, I want that freaking pink MAC lap top!!!  I have also uploaded the movie trailer and I must say, I still have a smile on my face when I watch it:)

After the movie, Conni and I decided to chill at a nearby cafe and it was a perfect way to end the night before starting a gruesome day at work again the very next morning. Oh my…..I gotta stay more optimistic as with the given economical situation, I should be glad I got a job right? 🙂 Anyhow, I had a really fun girls night out and it was just great catching up with old friends . By the way,the Irish Baileys Cheesecake was really yummy. Its a must try if you ever drop by Hong Kong, and its right opposite the Times Square shopping mall in Causeway Bay so it is easy to spot. As for the Keylime cake that Conni had, i am afraid it is a pass for moi as i am not a fan of the sour but by all means, try it if its to your liking, lol.


 Oh my god, its getting late so I better get some beauty sleep. Nitezzzzzzzzzzz

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