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Design & Decor: stylish coffee table

If you are looking to make your living room look more stylish, look no further than these stylish transparent coffee tables. For one thing, it definitely makes a statement and can complete a room when done correctly. It’s a simple design yet such an important element in a living space. You can choose between glass or acrylic coffee tables, with frames or no frames, the varieties are endless.

My favorite is the glass coffee tables with golden frames, as it gives this contemporary look to it while still carrying some interesting details  to the design, with a touch of gold in color. Another stylish method that i like and have noticed in a lot of interior design blogs and magazines, are the way these transparent coffee tables are styled. The usual accessories to be seen on the transparent coffee tables include but not limited to things such as stacks of books and magazines, candles, colorful printed jewelry bowls, and other ornaments.

This is a very smart way of decorating a transparent coffee table, where you are not only seeing pretty things within close eye sight but the items are of personal usage as well, such as lighting that candle light on a cosy night in, stacking all your business cards or other important name cards in that cute polka dot bowl, or reading some magazines during a lazy Sunday afternoon, while enjoying brunch at home. A bi – functional way of using a transparent coffee table, now what is there not to like?











6780753fa6488aaae18abd418857c522Photo source: Pinterest


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