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Polka Dott’ing…

As i count the weeks away before i head off for my 2 weeks vacay to Europe, i cannot help but wanna add some fun into my style, especially with this hot and sunny weather we have been getting over here. And what comes to mind when i think of fun and style? Yes, polka dot is exactly what comes to mind.

It can be a tricky thing when it comes to doing the polka dot trend where you don’t wanna come across as too childish but still looking feminine, glam, and stylish. Then again, if you are on the cutesy side of styling, then that is perfectly fine as well.

I always think it’s about balance and proportion and the rule is quite simple. If you are wearing one piece of clothing or accessory with big polka dot prints then make sure you keep the rest of your outfit simple to prevent polka dot overdose. At the same time, if you are handling with small polka dot prints, you can wear more than one piece of clothing or accessories with this print. For example, you can pair a small polka dot printed top with blue jeans and polka dot heels. That way, you do not put yourself in a situation where you are in polka dots from head to toe. Plus there is less emphasis on the polka dots when they are smaller in prints, and that is a great way to play around with this trend without looking like Minnie Mouse!!!

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