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Christmas in Vancouver baby!!!

As I write this post, I am waiting patiently at gate 49 to board my 19:45 flight, to spend a hopefully white Christmas in Vancouver, Canada!!!! Yes, that is where i will be spending my very first Christmas ever in Canada so the secret is finally revealed, my lovely bloggers! I’m already super excited about reuniting with my 2 BFFs who will be waiting for me there!

I really wish for a white Christmas this year because I can’t remember the last one I had. And most importantly, it will be my first time in Canada so that will make it extra special. There are so many things that I am looking forward to already. Walking in the snow, sipping on gingerbread lattes in a cafe, spending cosy moments with friends over chocolates and wine in front of the fire place, a quick road trip to the states, girlie shopping time, picking up maple leaves (if im lucky), and embracing the nature such as walking my friend’s doggies around their home area, which is on top of a mountain.

I will be away from my blog for about 9 days but mean while I wish you all in advance, a very merry Christmas where it will be filled with joy, laughter, and love, with your families and friends. Keep warm and safe everyone wherever you are this Christmas!!!

Much love and warm hugs,





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I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…

Yes, it’s that time of the year again where i get all over excited about Christmas!!!! I normally get hyped up about setting up my Christmas tree and Christmas shopping for loved ones, and although it is stressful at times, just the smile and laughter i see on the faces of my families and friends makes it all worth while.  It’s also a time where it’s about  giving, sharing, loving, and having a good time with people we care for during this special holiday season. It’s a moment that marks the last month of a year where we reflect on the past and look forward to a brand new year ahead of us.



I finally got around in doing the Christmas decor prep work at home and managed to set up the tree tonight. As i will be going away for a white Christmas this year, i have decided not to buy any new Christmas ornaments and just stick to the old ones i used before. As for where i’ll be spending Christmas this year? That’s a secret for now but if you follow me, i’m sure you’re bound to find out soon!!!   And here is my gorgeous mini Christmas tree!


Hope you all have fun decorating your Christmas tree as well!!!


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