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October Love 2013

Oct Love 2013My first time to try liquid nitrogen ice cream, where i excitedly waited for my sea salt caramel ice cream as the fog slowly started flooding out from the ice cream blender. Getting my health back on track and starting my mornings with oatmeal mixed with fresh fruits, and drizzled with a bit of maple syrup. Enjoying a chilled Friday night at Wagyu Lounge over steak and wine for a dear friend’s birthday.

A belated joint birthday dinner for my friend and I at a cosy Italian restaurant, Assaggio Trattoria Italiana, where four girls enjoyed  a night of great food and company, and laughed the night away. Fell in love with theses lovely color blocking heels, which were calling my name to take them home and that’s just what i did. My lovely sister being ever as sweet and supplying me with my fave glossy fashion magazines.

The joys of discovering a new cupcake shop, Kisses Cupcakes, while going home from work. Each bite of the Baileys Chocolate cupcake was slowly savored while it lasted. Lazing on weekends while down with the flu and watching one of my fave old American series, Sex and the City. I have almost forgotten how good and funny SATC used to be. The peacefulness of enjoying lunch by myself,  as i ordered a Japanese pork ramen and gyoza (Japanese dumplings).

I am blessed for each and every day that was filled with love, fun, laughters, and sharing special moments with people i love and care for. You are my October Love 2013.



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Snapshots in a week…

I love it when i do spring cleaning and come across all sorts of gems that i have almost completely forgotten about. As i came to my senses and out of my laziness, i managed to do some spring cleaning this week with not too much of a success but i always say, every small effort counts!

To start off with, i was going through my make up kit and discovered that i had more than two lip balms and lip glosses and seriously, i keep telling myself i only have one mouth! I’m not sure what it but every time i buy a lip balm or lip gloss, i just seem to naturally take my money out without much hesitation and buy it. I suppose it’s one of those easy and affordable impulsive buys.  In fact, i only just bought a lip gloss last week!

Another thing that i buy on impulse is those glossy fashion magazines that just screams “buy me, buy me!!!” It was quite surprising when i found out that some magazines dated back to 2010. Honestly, how did 2 years go by already?!?!?

The thing is i always buy magazines and read bits and pieces thinking i’ll go back to it later. Of course, that mostly never happens. I think i may need to cool it down with the magazines but i do have a back up plan. I started buying the Cosmopolitan UK magazine online earlier in the year, which works out a lot cheaper as it’s in US dollars, hehe. I’ve only bought 3 issues so far and i think that is pretty good as we’re already entering the month of June. Self control is all i can say!

Lately i also believe that i have taken up on another obsessive  impulse buys on scarves. I never really bought scarves in the past as i always used my pink Burberry cashmere scarf and another cheap leopard print scarf that is totally worn out now.  However, I recently started to notice how easy it is to accessory an outfit with a scarf and so my shopping spree kicked in. I won’t say it’s too bad as i’ve only bought 4 scarves in the past 2 months and they are cheap as well. The most expensive scarf that i got was from H&M (the one to the far left) at HK$79.90. Not bad eh? I guess i’m a bargain hunter at heart and try to shop wisely.

Today was mothers day and to me, this is a special day where i show all my love and appreciation for my mom.  As i mentioned in my previous post, she is my best friend and she has always been there for me for good times or bad times and vice versa.

To celebrate such a special occasion, i decided to take her and dad to high tea at “the parlour”. My dad has actually never been to high tea in his life so he was really excited about it! Lets just say my dad normally hangs in his local town and eats his local Chinese food all the time. He actually likes western food a lot so i was looking forward to bring him along in case he felt left out, lol.

The weather was on our side and it did not rain, nor was it too hot or humid so it was perfect! As we arrived to “the parlour”, we were asked if we wanted to be seated inside or outside. Knowing my mom very well, i knew she would say outside and so we did. We ordered one high tea set and we especially ordered the Hullet House smoked salmon club sandwich with fries for my dad as he likes his “man food”. My dad ordered a cup of cappuccino along with his man food and he said it was alright.

It was a real relaxing day and it was just nice to be out with my parents and experience with them something that is very normal in my life style. We sat there for almost 2 hours where we were just talking and eating away, and there were many times that i noticed my dad was really enjoying his food! It just bought a smile to my face.

I suggested my dad to try the coffee as i know how much he likes his coffee and he ordered a cappuccino.  As soon as the cappuccino arrived, he just seemed really happy and he told me he felt like it was the good old days when he worked in Denmark and had his morning coffees.  Yes, that is how easy it is to please my dad, hehe.

After our much satisfied meal, we walked for a bit before we decided to call it a day and went home. Once we go home, i told her that i had to go down to buy something. Little did she know that i was actually going to the local flower shop to collect a bouquet of red roses that i had ordered the day before. My mom liked the surprise but being the typical mom that she is, she was saying that i wasted money, which is fine because i could tell she was happy and that’s what counts. There’s also a delicious mixed fruit cake waiting in our fridge right now but i’ve decided to save that for tomorrow because i am just too stuffed now.


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Blake Lively takes on Elle (Singapore)!!!

I just bought the Elle Singapore April issue and it’s the first time ever in my life buying the Singaporean version. I just suddenly had this urge to buy a non US or UK issue and plus, i was on a budget and Elle Singapore was much cheaper, lol.  And of course, the gorgeous Blake Lively was on the cover so that was a bonus for me!!!

I gotta say, i’m happy i tried out a diff mag because Elle Singapore has just as much great fashion information, images, and beauty tips and it’s some what more catered to the Asian market (duh), whilst incorporating fashion at an international level. It’s a must buy! And i realized it’s fun experimenting with other branded magazine reads as you get to see how other magazines lay out their fashion contents, and what kind of fashion news or type of articles are written about. The only down fall of buying fashion magazines that you’ve not read before? You risk wasting money if you end up with a crap azz magazine that is filled with lousy and non interesting contents and loads of advertisements (i hate those!!!).

So wanna know what it looks like inside Elle Singapore without paying a single dollar? You just got lucky because i’ve taken some photos of the April issue so you can take a sneak peak. Enjoy!!!

Interview with Blake Lively

Fashion trends

Beauty Products/Advice

Fashion shots

(All photos accredited to me)


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Jennifer Aniston embraces the covers of Harper’s Bazaar (UK)

Remember the days when Jennifer Aniston played Rachel in “Friends”? I remember watching it at the time where she had the chubby cheeks and gradually saw them disappear as the series went on. Gosh, those days seem so long ago and see what a beauty she has blossomed into!!! For some unknown reason, i just really like Jen and there’s this charisma about her. She’s gone a long way since her “Friends” phase and i hope only good things will come her way!!! I really love these shots of her in the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar (UK). The color tone is really earthy, enlightening, and has this peaceful feeling to it.

Photo Source: http://www.fashionising.com


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Fashion gone wild….

Russian model Masha Novoselova spices it up in wild fashion for V Magazine Spain April 2010 issue!!!  The entire shoot is what i would define as  wild, sexy and fiesty in one whole package!!! Im also absolutely loving those Alexander Mcqueen  Armadillo heels but very much intimidating for my daily wear,lol. I best leave it to Lady Gaga who wears it like she owns it in her recent  “Bad Romance” MV. 

The butterfly effect look is really doing it for me with all its colors and the spring vibe it projects. The body art gives out this intoxicating and beautiful look at the same time, while Masha manages to carry a nature looking pureness in the shot. But the rest of the photos are just as sexy and fashionable as it should be!!!!

Photo Source: http://www.fashiongonerogue.com

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Who stole the front cover the best on Glamour?

I was planning to do a “photo only” blog post today due to my laziness but who am i kidding? I just couldnt help but share a lil something that i found absolutely absurd and impossible. The thing is, i just realized outta the blue that i havent bought a fashion magazine for a few months and yes, thats almost a sinner eh?! So i took things into my own hands and immediately dashed to the nearest Dymocks to grab my fav Glamour. I meant to look for the UK edition but for a change, i decided to go for the US edition:) Interestingly, i discovered there were actually not just 1 or 2, but 3 covers with 3 different celebs for the April 2010 issue! I ended up getting the cover with Amanda Seyfried as it was the only one they had. The other 2 gorgeous beauties were Zoë Saldana and Leighton Meester. Here are their stunning front covers and one page spread photos!



I really think Amanda looks like a total sex bomb compared to her Mamma Mia days, and its liberating to know that its no biggie to look innocent and have sex appeal at the same time. Or would that be considered 2 faced? My second fav is Zoe because she just looks so sassy and there’s something classy yet chic about her apperance.  The black tight fitted suit fits her slim body like a glove and the revealing chest line is ever so sexy! Think she aint wearing a bra either? Im not a big fan of Leighton but she still looks fab in this issue so i gotta give her the credits or the whole cast who were behind this shot? lol…. But the question still remains, who do you think wore it best? Who nailed it to become Glamour’s hottest chic on the front cover April 2010 issue? For me, i give my salute to Amanda Seyfried for such a great transformation that is similar to a modernized version of Cinderella. 

And i’ll try using the remaining hours of my Sunday afternoon to spend it lazily in glamour style!! Wooohooo!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Think eating choco chip cookies infront of the telly wearing my super sexy H&M  black tube dress and my new black pumps!!!! hahaha. Not exactly my definition of comfy tho….

Photo Source: www.glamour.com

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