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Hey Ms. soldier…

No, i didn’t buy my Macbook Pro yet and my computer is still busted,  and so i’m blogging at work again. What can i say, the power to speak my fashion mind is just too strong!!! lol

Anyhow, i wanted to share with you all on the military jacket trend that i’ve been crazy over as of lately. My cousin from London is in town right now and over the weekend we did some major shopping and yes, we both got ourselves a military jacket!!! It’s kinda funny because after we bought our jackets, it was like literally everywhere i went, i would see military jackets, either in shops or on the streets.  But the military jacket is definitely a fashion staple that every woman must own just like the good old denim jacket, skinny jeans, LBD (little black dress), and etc.

I like the whole casual look that the military jacket brings out and it matches really well with my fave leopard print scarves! It’s like a casual yet chic kinda style put together. Now i just need some military boots, hehe.

Do you love or hate the military jacket look?

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