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New Year “Words” 2012

I’ve never really been much of a New Year’s resolution type of person and while i do occasionally think about it, nothing ever gets written down on paper nor do actions get executed.

My new moleskin agenda for 2012

But much to my surprise, this all changed when i stumbled upon the blog camilliestyles, which¬† truly inspired me. From this blog, i discovered a brilliant and different way to create a New Year’s resolution. There is an element of creativity involved, where you choose your own words and photos to create your New Year’s resolutions, which is a fun enough approach to get me excitingly dancing on my tippy toes!!!

As this is my first proper written down New Year’s resolution on this blog (and my life), i have thought deeply and clearly about what i hope to achieve this year and hopefully, many years down the line. May this be a constant reminder for myself to keep focus and have a balance in life.

To keep it short and sweet, and to the point, i’ve come up with 3 words. And while i know we have entered February and i’m a tad bit behind in doing this, i always think¬† “better later than never”.

So ready or not, here are my New Year words!!!

  • Learn to love myself before loving others
  • Cherish loved ones – families, friends, and anybody that has made a difference in my life
  • Live life to the fullest with no regret
  • Smile and stay positive and if i fall off track, always pick myself up and keep going
  • Eat healthy and wisely but treat myself to the occasional treats (aka junk food!)
  • Create a better filing system in my room to avoid clutter and distress
  • Save more money for unforeseeable future plans
  • Treat myself to more facials and other pampering treatments (have t0 finish my facial package before it expires in March!!!)
  • More gym sessions and out door sports activities such as hiking, biking, tennis, bowling, etc

  • Patience is a virtue – never forget that
  • Listen more and speak less
  • Seek to understand then to be understood
  • Keep a calm mind and don’t get agitated easily (both in work or personal life related issues)
  • Don’t rush through life- take notice of the smaller things because they are usually the bigger things in life

  • Be open to new opportunities and take chances in life
  • Participate in more social events and meet new people, such as art gallery exhibitions, charities, reunion dinners, etc
  • Enlarge my network of people for my new PR role at the Toastmasters club and master the skill of public speaking
  • Keep blogging and be open to new ideas by other bloggers in the blogosphere world
  • Take a class or learn a new hobby (look into Photoshop, make up, or art related short courses)
  • Try out recipes that i’ve collected in the past from magazines or bloggers, to improve my cooking skills

Photo source: We heart it


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