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Oh what a year it was, 2011…

2011 was definitely a memorable year for me in many ways, both good and bad. As always, i was busily consumed with numerous adventures and all sorts of celebrations with close friends and families, such as birthdays, holidays, friends visiting me, and of course, many events of delicious high tea’ing, dining, and dessert’ing.

Now while i do look forward to a fabulous 2012, i thought it would be good to start the year by reflecting back on what 2011 has given me, and what i have learned from all my experiences over the year. So here goes a quick recap of my 2011!!!

The year kicked off with a festive Chinese New year spending it with families in China. The celebrations in China are always over the top with the lovely flower decorations and fireworks that was heard from a distant in my parent’s village. We had the luxury of celebrating our company annual dinner at the sophisticated 1930’s Shanghai inspired, China Club, which is for members only. There was delicious and traditional Chinese food served, whilst people anxiously waited to see who would win the best 1930’s Shanghai costume of the night. Art jamming was in session to show some creativity with painting for BFF’s birthday! High tea’ing at the Four Seasons to start the year with my 3 lovely BFF,  fresh warm scones and Earl Grey tea kept me sane for those excruciating cold winter days. Got big fat bonus at work and had a big blow out at the YSL make up counter. Merci YSL, i love you!

I was going through a rough time with my relationship in the early months of 2011 and i was so grateful that i had my 2 BFF’s continuous support and for being there for me. Their countless times of happy hours and coffee breaks with me was definitely a mood booster, i love my girls!!! My brother and his entire family including my cute nephew and 2 nieces came to Hong Kong for a visit. It was a fun day at the amusement park, Ocean Park, packed with walking, witnessing sea animal in the under world, and trying rides with the kids. Discovering the new froyo shop Smiles, for froyo lovers like myself, definitely put a big smile on my face! They even have these cute pretzel sticks that’s covered in different flavors.  Finally bought the Elle Singapore issue as i was trying to be fashionably spontaneous one day, and i never looked back!

A series of celebration followed on with  Mother’s Day, my BFF in Canada came for a visit and we spoke like we never left each other while sipping over Cosmos, and i finally managed to watch the Kylie Minogue Aphrodite live concert!!!

May also marked the month where my relationship reached a turning point and went for the worst, i was no longer with the BF. Though the following months were and still is painful,  i have learned that  through lost and vulnerable moments, we discover who we are and what we want, and everything in life seems to have a whole new meaning to it. I see life and the small details that’s made up of it, very differently as opposed to 7 months ago, and i do believe that this is a valuable lesson gained. In a way, i am thankful for each and every experience that i have been through, no matter how hard it was, because it has made me the person that i am today.

But i learned to enjoy life again, in ways that i haven’t done in a while, i went biking with friends and just catching up for lost times, and everyone was very supportive and stood by me.  I don’t know what i would had done without them. Finally got around in picking the perfect photo for my lovely zebra print mirror photo frame. Yes, it’s Audrey Hepburn, she is absolutely stunning and her beauty takes my breath away!

Summer came before i knew it, and hiking trips with friends were scheduled. Lovely breath taking view at the peak and rewarded ourselves with dim sum for lunch. Shopping splurge was on full gear, bought summery floral dresses, vibrant colored make up, and the biggest gift of all, my iphone 4! As the saying goes, we lose some, we win some. Through my rough times during the break up, i had gotten to know one of my casual friend better and we are so much closer now. High tea’ing was in session at the Marco Polo Hotel on a lazy Saturday afternoon, sipping on English tea whilst laughing the afternoon away.

Healthy bike rides underneath the beaming sun and indulging myself with macarons from Paul Lafayet.  Organized one of my good old friend’s 30th big birthday bash at our friend’s recently opened Pizzeria. My birthday celebration over karaoke with close friends, singing the night away. My sweet sister all the way in London, got me a special gift, a Jo Malone perfume! I attended church for the first time and befriended a London bloke,  who is the wackiest person i’ve met. Cheap good local food, long night strolls and talks are mostly expected after our church meetings, and chatted the night away one time until sun rise. Simply most beautiful sight i’ve seen.

Traveling mode made it a memorable November, with a family weekend trip to Singapore and a one day trip to Macau with a friend.  Happy hours at The Peninsula Hotel inside the chic 1930’s Shanghai inspired “Salon de Ning” bar or as they call it “”Paris of the East”, listening to good old 80’s and 90’s music with delish and quite pricey cocktails. More dosage of high tea at “The Parlour” was much needed after a long day of shopping, and the mini green pistachio sponge cake was utterly divine.  Paid my respects to our ancestors at their graves, which was an emotional moment. Its been 2 years since my grandma passed away and i still miss her dearly. She is the funniest grandma you can ask for, she is just so cute in the smallest way, like how we used to arm wrestle for fun or i would comb her hair to beautify her, lol. But i know she is in a better place now.

Happy news was up in the air to end 2011 beautifully, my high school friend was getting wedded at the Sheraton Hotel.  The entire banquet was lovely done up with all these different tones of beautiful purple flowers. Absolutely a magical and unforgettable night! Prior to the wedding day, a crazy hens night took place  at the posh Armani Aqua with non stop alcohol and food!!! More delicious food with fairytale Christmas decorations displayed at the Aberdeen Marina Club made it an excellent company lunch party. Pre Christmas dinner with my BFF was fun times, admiring the view of Hong Kong at its finest moment. Super  excited upon receiving my very first Christmas card of the year from London, my heart just melted at the sight of the red glitter of the iconic London bus and post box.

Christmas times jam packed  with setting up my Christmas tree, gift shopping, and lots of eating.  I received a cute Prada teddy bear key chain for Christmas! More post – Christmas dinner with delicious Korean BBQ and Korean Hite beer while catching up with New York friends. Christmas Eve and Christmas day in Macau with a friend to watch the much anticipated  water show, “The House of Dancing Water”. The dance and acrobatic moves were impressive with beautiful costumes, and the stage setting really did wonders where it creates a water and non water based floor within minutes! Quick dinner at the Venetian food court followed by a night of chit chats in our hotel room, while nibbling on Belgian truffles and sipping on Portuguese Rose Wine, Mateus, into the morning hours. Juicy Beef burger and red wine at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel was the way we rolled to enjoy our lovely dinner on Christmas Day. Just got super lucky and witnessed a lovely musical water show outside the Wynn casino, a perfect ending to our Macau trip!

Christmas in Macau 2011

2011 was definitely a life learning and life changing year for me. I have learned a lot through my good times and bad times, and i feel like i have re-known myself in another light. I am so blessed to have such great friends and families that care for me, and showed their support when needed. I am more opened to opportunities now and try to seize every moment, where i take each day as it comes because we never know what tomorrow will bring.

And last but not least, i want to give a big shout out to all my wonderful bloggers out there, wherever you are, for following me over the past year. Your sweet comments, touching emails, and all of your support means a lot to me! It just puts a smile on my face when i see how this blog has blossomed, filled with lovely memories from you all. A big thank you to each and everyone of you! Here i am wishing you all a happy new year,  all the best to 2012!!!!


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Singapore – a weekend get away

As you all may know from my previous post, i went to Singapore for a weekend trip with my family. My lovely sister from London was in town for a visit so it was perfect timing! I had never been to Singapore so i was actually really thrilled about this trip and what’s more was that, my sister and I had planned to throw my mom a surprise birthday for her while we were there!

I have to say, i was quite pleased when we were greeted by sunshine and lovely weather upon arriving to Singapore, because the weather forecast had predicted rain and showers throughout the next few days. After passing thr0ugh a massive crowd at the immigration, we took the taxi to Traders Hotel to drop off our luggage and quickly got changed, and was ready to head out to discover the lovely city, Singapore! Oh and before i forget, the king size bed that my sister and i slept in was soooooooo comfortable, to the extent that it was extremely hard to get up every morning lol.

The lovely view outside our hotel room

King size bed for my sis and I

Our first stop was China town because being my typical mom, she wanted Chinese food and rice, the moment we landed. There’s nothing much to see in China Town and everything seemed closed as it was lunch hour when we arrived, which i found odd. For this reason, it was so hard to find a decent place that had decent Chinese food and my mom was complaining how it was worst than China! I found that super funny but I had to agree with her. In fact, the China Town in London is even better, as the restaurants are opened during day time with no lunch break (as far as i know anyway), and everything is within close walking distant. That’s the other thing about Singapore’s China Town, it’s quite big and there’s a lot of different streets to walk around to. But i still found it a great experience and memory to remember by.

China Town

There are numerous underground shopping malls in Singapore, and i’ve been told it’s to prevent people from heat exhaustion, as it gets very hot in Singapore, especially during summer time. My friend who lives in Singapore said that it can get up to 40 degrees Celsius during summer, which is way hotter than what we get here in Hong Kong.

The first underground shopping mall that we stumbled upon was Suntec City. It’s quite a big shopping mall with international and local designer brands. However, i was more distracted by food when i spotted a local bakery called “Bread Talk”. My mom went in to buy some bread, while i was snapping away and taking photos of some lovely Christmas themed pastries and cakes.

At the local bakery, Bread Talk

Festive Chrismas chocolate muffins

Chocolate donuts!!!

Delicious looking cakes

Festive Christmas cakes

One thing that i love to do is taking photos of random things that i like, at random moments. Such moment occurred when I passed by this shop and saw these super cute Japanese dolls. Don’t they just look so cute!?!?!? I’m also a big time chocoholic so i went all crazy when i saw this shop that was dedicated to Hershey’s chocolates!!!! I think any chocolate fan would die in there right away, lol.

Cute Japanese dolls on a window display

Hershey's Chocolate shop

Later that night we decided to go check out the Night Safari as i’ve had a lot of colleagues and friends suggesting to go there. Night Safari as you can imagine, is quite far away from the city and we had to take the local MRT train and a bus to get there. We tried to do all the things we wanted to as they close by mid night so our schedule was quite tight.

Night Safari Entrance

We saw the “Creatures of the Night Show”, which was more of a family show, if you ask me. But there was one incident that really made me laugh and freak out at the same time.They had an albino snake at one point and asked for a guy to come up for a challenge. They placed the albino snake onto the guy and then all the staffs walked away and turned off the stage lights. Of course, this was just for entertainment purposes, and they quickly went back to the guy. But the face on that guy was priceless!!! He looked super scared and i don’t blame him one bit.

"Creatures of the Night Show"

The Albino snake

We also managed to go on the tour buses to take a tour around the entire Night Safari and witnessed some of the night animals. As it was quite dark, i didn’t manage to take any good photos, so sorry!!!

One of the shows at Night Safari

After a fun Safari night we headed back to the city and to our surprise, all the restaurants in the nearby shopping mall was closed! It was only 10pm and that is considered early in Asia. As sad as it sounds, we ended up getting instant cup noodles, a loaf of bread, and chips in the supermarket, which was closing in 10 minutes! Yes, and i clearly enjoyed my cup noodle and chips when i got back to the hotel because i was starving!!!

And that is the update for now.  At the same time, I’m actually also sick with a throat infection and a nasty cold but i promise i’ll be back for my next blog post very soon!!!


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Singapore – here i come!!!

Just a quick update!!! I’m off to Singapore over the weekend for a short holiday with my lovely family.  The main purpose of this trip is actually to celebrate my mom’s birthday too so i’m really excited about it!!!

We are flying tomorrow morning and coming back on Monday night. I gotta be up by 5:30am and i only just finished packing, and it’s already mid night! Yikes, only 5 hours of sleep but i’m sure i’ll manage.

Anyhow, i’ll definitely take loads of touristy photos so i can report back to all you lovely bloggers!!! I’ll be away from blogging for a while due to this mini holiday and on top of that, i’ve got a busy schedule awaiting me when i come home next week.  I have to be a brides maid and MC for a friend’s wedding, as well as planning the hen’s night. And yes, it looks like next week will be one mad jam packed one for sure!!! Fingers cross, lets hope everything will run just smoothly.

Okay, i really need to get some sleep now. Good night peeps!


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