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Pleated skirts is in the air…

It’s been a month since i’ve been back from my fabulous holiday in Europe. It’s so bizarre how time flies, and with that, i have been enjoying my time away from the chilly London and Copenhagen nights, and embracing the warmer days over here in Hong Kong. Of course, i still miss the macarons in Paris dearly.

I have to say, it’s not that hot compared to the summer time, where the temperatures can go up to 34 degrees celsius, but we are still lucky enough to get 28 degrees or so right now.

Whilst we still got such lovely weather, i thought it would be best to make use of this chance to bring out some skirts while we still can. And with that, i’ve caught the pleated skirt fever!!! I have always had this thing with pleated skirts and i have no idea why. It’s just those ruffle detailing and how it gives that wavy effect that makes me fall head over heels for it. The best thing is that you can look good with this style whether you’re going for the casual and chic, or elegant look.

What about you? Do you love or hate the pleated skirts look?

Photo source: weheartit


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