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Marc Jacobs afternoon tea at Mo Bar

Mo Bar at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong  is renowned for their afternoon teas in collaboration with well known designer brands around the world. So you can imagine my excitement when my dear friend and i had arranged to go try out their September month limited edtion Marc Jacobs afternoon tea, as part of my belated birthday celebration. 

The inspiration behind this comes from the fashion brand’s The Lindy, which is the Large single from his Autumn 2012 collection. All the textures, colors, and visual elements were all inspired from the handbag and i have to say, i was pleasantly pleased with the afteroon tea set. For tea, i ordered my usual fave Earl Grey and it was unlimited refill, which is ideal for those that can sit for hours chatting away,  and yes, that would be me.

The lemon and raspberry macaron was just right in taste between the sourness and sweetness, and the texture was not too hard or too soft so it was just perfect. My fave was the ribbon lookalike cake and it tasted like some berry mousse cake where it was not too mushy, which is good as i don’t like desserts that are overly mushy.  

The chocolate cake was pretty basic like any chocolate cake but it was very rich and sweet. I forgot what the blue drink was but it tasted like guava, which was a good way to compromise with my taste buds with the other overly sweet dishes. I especially liked how it had these small bits of transparent fruit pieces in the drink, giving a more exotic edge to it. The panna cotta layered cream jar was relatively okay  but nothing too spectacular, just the usual panna cotta berry flavor. Lastly on the scones, i did not like how they tried to play a modern twist to it in terms of it’s look, and it was quite dry.

As for the savory dishes, i really enjoyed the ham mousse round buns, it had a funny appearance yet very apetitizing. The ham mousse was not too salty and it was exquisitely delicious when combined with the outer bread bun eaten together. The mini sized beetroot flavored ravioli was suprisingly also very refreshing in taste and the slight sourness of it was very interesting, considering i’m not a big fan of beetroot. The round mashed salmon bread and cucumber with cream cheese bread was also fairly ordinary but still very yummy.  

The ambiance of Mo Bar is quite casual yet stylish  and it’s definitely a place i will go again with my friends. My friend and i got seated at the bar area but i personally didn’t mind it as i got to see what was happening behind the scene at the bar so that added a bit more fun to the whole experience.

The bar area was very stylish in its look and there was this massive fridge in the center for all the beverages with a mirror in the ceiling, which i thought was amazing how they used a fridge as a design center point.

 Before we left, we were lucky enough to get 2 gift coupons where we got a Marc Jacobs necklace with a heart shaped pedant and you can even open the heart.  It was definitely a perfect way to end a perfect afternoon!!!

Have you ever been to any designer branded afternoon tea before and if so, how was it? I would love to hear about it all.

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