May Love 2014

May 2014Savoring over some delicious Jean Paul Hevin macarons that BFF got me to cheer me up just when i needed it. Enjoying a lovely weekend brunch with friends over roasted pumpkin and pesto quinoa salad and some french toast dipped with fruits, chocolate sauce and cream. Finally managed to buy “Decorate With Flowers”, the US edition, which i waited a month for. The book is filled with inspiring and beautiful floral design projects. Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring definitely know what they are talking about.

Best way to cool down on a summer night in this hot and humid weather is by eating watermelons, and a lot of it too. Tried out the Cath Kidston themed afternoon tea with some ex colleagues, where the plates, tea pots, and tea cups, and the afternoon tea rack, were all in the distinctive Cath Kidston floral design. It was a happy afternoon over lots of photo taking and eating pretty food in great company. Mothers day was spent over a quiet dinner having our favorite steak, followed by indulging in the Velvet Lady cake i got mom from the Arome Bakery. It was absolutely delicious.

Sunday brunch’ing by myself at my fave spot, High Street Grill, as i always need some “me time” once in a while. I always believe it’s healthy to make time for my own thoughts and reflecting back on life. Staying home on a Friday night to make myself a cuppa tea as i dig into my Decorate Workshop book, which always gives me such great inspirations for interior decor ideas. Summer shopping spree is in full swing and that includes a stop over at Zara and H&M. The vibrant colors and floral designs in their summer collection made me want to bring everything home with me!

I am blessed for each and everyday that was filled with love, fun, laughters, and sharing special moments with people I love and care for. You are my May Love 2014.


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4 responses to “May Love 2014

  1. Yes I heard that is a great book, and wow already hot and humid, yup summer is coming.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  2. I miss Arome bakery! There is one in North Point that I sometimes pop into when I am back in HK. I can’t wait to come back in a couple of months, though I am dreading the heat. I know it’s pretty hot right now as my family have been updating us! I love Cath Kidston! I need to add some of her tea cups to my collection. Thanks for your lovely messages about my friend’s wedding too – it was an amazing day and it was nice to experience a church wedding 🙂 Next one is in HK….will be very different I know!

  3. I adore this. You seem to know the most faaaaabulous macaroon places ever 🙂


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