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Design & Decor: Wall Gallery

For those that are looking for a creative and stylish way to transform your living space and shy away from the usual and safe white blank canvas wall, apart from coloring your wall to another color, the recently much talked wall gallery interior decor idea is definitely worth considering.


The beauty about the wall gallery is that it can be seen as a piece of art, and might even stir up a conversation or two for the story behind your design, for occasions that you have visitors coming to visit. The beauty with the wall gallery is that you can choose any images that you like, whether it’s a digital camera developed photo, a printed out photo from the internet, postcards from countries you’ve traveled across the globe, or it can be as simple as tearing out a fave ad from your magazine. The choices are endless. What’s more is that it adds a personal touch to designing your living space, as there’ s always a story behind each image that you select. It could be that very first shot of the La Tour Eiffel you took with your loved one, a family portrait, or option for less personal approach by using images of iconic people from that past that you adore, such as the lovely Audrey Hepburn, which i very much still adore up to this day.

And these gorgeous wall galleries does not only apply to the living room. You can be adventurous and do whatever you think is stylish for your home. Some of the other areas in your living spaces to consider applying the wall gallery concept includes the hall way, office space, bed room, kids/baby room, or even as far fetched as the bathroom. There is also the shelf wall gallery that i find very interesting, where photo frames lean, instead of hanging on the wall, where they stand tall and pretty on the shelf.

What is your view on wall gallery? And what is your favorite living space to apply the wall gallery concept?












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Design & Decor: stylish coffee table

If you are looking to make your living room look more stylish, look no further than these stylish transparent coffee tables. For one thing, it definitely makes a statement and can complete a room when done correctly. It’s a simple design yet such an important element in a living space. You can choose between glass or acrylic coffee tables, with frames or no frames, the varieties are endless.

My favorite is the glass coffee tables with golden frames, as it gives this contemporary look to it while still carrying some interesting details  to the design, with a touch of gold in color. Another stylish method that i like and have noticed in a lot of interior design blogs and magazines, are the way these transparent coffee tables are styled. The usual accessories to be seen on the transparent coffee tables include but not limited to things such as stacks of books and magazines, candles, colorful printed jewelry bowls, and other ornaments.

This is a very smart way of decorating a transparent coffee table, where you are not only seeing pretty things within close eye sight but the items are of personal usage as well, such as lighting that candle light on a cosy night in, stacking all your business cards or other important name cards in that cute polka dot bowl, or reading some magazines during a lazy Sunday afternoon, while enjoying brunch at home. A bi – functional way of using a transparent coffee table, now what is there not to like?











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Design & Decor: black and white

There is something about the Scandinavian contemporary interior design that always gets to me.  I’m not sure if it’s due to the fact that i was born in Denmark and got influenced by its culture or what, but something about the whole clean and simple look always manage to capture my heart.

One of the contemporary interior design style that i’ve fallen head over heels for as of late, is the black and white look. It oozes simplicity yet stylish and chic. I like the idea of living in a space that is organized with easy access to the daily necessities or leisure needs, such as candles in the living room for those nights that i feel like reading a book instead of watching TV.  And i believe that with a clean space comes a clear mind, which is what we all need at times,  in this hectic lifestyle that we live in. This black and white interior design style will definitely be an inspiration board for my future home. What about you?

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Design & Decor: Mirror Walls

While it would be ideal and a dream come true to have a luxurious mansion with spacious bed rooms, a walk in closet to store all my precious bags and heels,  along with a kitchen big enough to hold a party, we know that is not the reality for the most of us.  In fact, I am no stranger when it comes to living in small and confined area, or more well known as my “home”.

With the average Hong Kong apartments being known for their limited living space, much like a shoe box, it is often a challenge to beautify a home. Although i do believe that with a bit of creativity and deciding on what furnishes to use   and not to use, can greatly enhance even the smallest living space. One important piece of furnishing to make this difference can be achieved through the usage of a mirror.


A mirror is one of the easiest way to create a sense of spaciousness to a small room. It can act like a space enhancer where the mirror reflects and increases the light in a room, making it appear brighter and bigger. This is also best achieved when you position a tall mirror opposite a window, which lets nature sunlight emit into a room.

The best part is that a mirror can be used in more than just one type of room. Get your creativity running and try putting a mirror in the living room, dressing room, bed room, or even a bath room. You will be surprised by what a difference it will make in terms of spaciousness and not to mention, what a pretty decor it will be.
Here are a few tall mirror decor ideas that i find really inspiring and oh so pretty. What are your thoughts on design and decor in a small living space? Please do share any tips if you have any, I would love to hear from you!




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Design & Decor: Mason Jar Make Over

I have had an interest in interior design and decor for the past few years, where i constantly find myself browsing through interior design and decor related blogs and magazines, and get mesmerized by all the creative detailing that floods my mind and sight.  With that said, I thought it would be a great idea to to start a new series for my blog, which will cover any interior design and decor thoughts, ideas, and inspirations that i discover. I hope you all will enjoy this new addition to my blog, the Design & Decor series!

mason jars

For my very first Design & Decor post, i want to share a topic that shows the creative and functional side of reusing old things at home that we normally regard as trash. For example, an empty jar may seem useless but with a bit of creativity, there are so many different functions to it. Especially with the Mason jar trend that i have spotted the past year or so, it perfectly demonstrates how we can reuse our household products for other usages. I hope these ideas will inspire you as much as they did for me.

Flowers  – transform a place and display flowers in a Mason Jar Mason Jar flower

Drinks – pour a drink for friends in Mason Jars and enjoyMason Jar drinks

Dessert  be fun, decorate desserts in Mason Jars for cosy house partiesMason Jar desserts

Party decor – use Mason Jars as an element of decor for parties (e.g. birthday/wedding)Mason Jar party idea

Lights – add mood to the night, light up candles in Mason Jars and get romanticMason Jar candles

Storage – use your Mason Jar for storing random things Mason Jar storage

Other ideas – be creative and do whatever you can think of like belowMason Jar other ideas

You can use Mason Jars for other creative ideas, such as f0r displaying memorable photos, storing you make up brushes, or even as a soap dispenser. The sky is the limit!

I would love to hear if you have ever used the Mason Jars  or any other jars, and if so, what creative ideas did you use it for?

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A peek into Stam’s world…

Have you every wondered how the home of a model would look like? I certainly did and that’s when i came across these warm and beautiful photos of this cosy home that belongs to the pretty model Jessica Stam.

I love the personal touches of  giving a modern looking apartment a bit of a twist by adding vintage furnishings to complete the look. It defintely adds more personality to it! The brightness and high ceilings of this home is another alluring factor for me, and it creates this spaciousness that is ever as needed in my home (seriously).

I especially take into heart on how she brings culture into her home as well. If you haven’t already heard, the previous owner before Stam, had left these crafty hand carved Morroccan sliding doors that leads into her bedroom. Of course, that white polished side table in the living room against the backdrop of a mirrored wall is extra stylish! It’s simply the perfect place to make sure you look all good before heading out to show your lovely face! Ohhh how i wish i could be Stam for just one day….;)

P.s. On a personal note, i want to send my prayers out to people in Japan for the disastrous earthquake/tsunami that occurred today. God bless you all. 

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Living in black and white


Im totally into the whole black and white look when it comes to interior design. There’s just something about contemporary design that i am attracted to, and the occasional random mismatch with bizarrely stuctured furnitures injected with splashes of exotic colors.  I can so imagine having a hot red sofa placed on the marble floor in the living room, and maybe a fireplace where i can cose up with my other half during the icy winters????? hehe

For some weird reason, the interior decor reminds me of “Alice in Wonderland”, the movie that is.  What do you think?the Anyhow, wishing you all a happy Friday and may this blog entree give you the inspiration to revamp your room, a task that i’ve been delaying for over a year,lol.

Oh…..and if you were wondering about my Friday night plans – im meeting an old best friend for dinner tonight to eat……….SALAD!!! Yes, how exciting eh? lol…But i know it’ll be a great night of gossips and laughter =P


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