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Little treasures from New York…

For those that know me well, will be very familiar  with how i get excited when i get surprises when least expected, and that is what just happened before i got off work last week. My BFF in New York was a real sweet heart and had gotten me some lovely goodies for my belated 30th birthday and Christmas gift. Her mom had recently gone to New York to visit her and her recent born grandson, Jonathan, who is my ever as cute godson, and had been requested by my BFF to deliver the goods to me in person. That’s when i got a call and auntie was at the door of my office with the bag of goodies. If you are reading this, my BFF, i love you girl!!!


I remember my very first trip to the states in New York back in 2008, where i fell in love with Bath & Body Works, an American skin care brand. Fast forward 5 years later, BFF is ever as sweet and remembers my love for this brand. Although my love for Bath & Body Works isn’t as crazy as before, surely one should not decline gorgeous looking beauty products, right? There were 2 shower gels that came in the flavors of sun ripened raspberry and cucmber melon, which reminds me of the summer times. I absolutely adore the cute mini anti-bacterial hand gels, and they are the perfect size to put into my bag. Japanese Cherry Blossom is my favorite.


On my lazy days, when i don’t have time or patience to glam up, i always find spraying on a fave perfume or applying a tint of lip gloss is all it takes to feel dolled up without much effort. This is when less is more fits my agenda, where i go for the casual look. So i was very much amused when i found out that BFF had gotten me a multi functional cosmetic piece to add to my collection.  This special make up kit is a wand that has a pink lip gloss on one end and a lovely summery roll on perfume on the other end. Two things in one, it’s the perfect gift for a busy lady like me that always rushes to work every morning. The AVOCA soap bar is an additional piece i added because i felt that it completed the entire look with the whole pink color scheme going on in the photo. I actually bought this soap during my trip to Wicklow in Ireland three years ago. I still haven’t had the heart to use this soap because it just looks too pretty and still smells ever as lovely as the day i bought it. 


One of my fave gifts to receive are jewelries as it can hold sentimental values, where memories are embedded of that certain moment or special person, and a valuable to be kept forever. You can say i’m more of the sappy type, if you like. For my belated birthday gift, BFF got me this gorgeous Swarovski crystal necklace. The simple and elegant design of this gem is very close to my usual style in jewelry, and the size is perfect for me.


What are some of your most memorable birthday gifts received in the past?


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The magic color: Red

There’s always been this thing about the color red for me.  It’s definitely one of those colors that defines all the characteristics of being  attractive, feminine, exotic, and vibrant. Whenever I’m in a rut and need to freshen up my look , i will go and try on something red.  It could be my red lip gloss when I’m out in town with my girls or just wearing a really glamorous red dress to feel good about myself.

I don’t have any lipsticks as unbelievable as it sounds but i love my recently purchased Maybelline (Very Cherry 635) red lip stick for those days that i don’t want the glossy lips look.  One of my fave lip kits are the Dior lip gloss (Ultra Gloss Pearl 654) and Kiehl’s lip balm (Hue No. 58B) with SPF 15 to protect my lips.

As for accessories, red is definitely a color to make any outfit look interesting if you ask me! I love my red accessories such as the red heart necklace and red gift box lookalike earring, which i got on my trip to New  York few years back. They make great choices when i am wearing something a bit more simple and want to funk up my look.

I got the red rose ring and red pearl necklace in some cheap market but they still work like a charm when i want to be a bit more playful with my outfit.  And lastly, with a spray of the Harajuku Lovers G Christmad edition perfume,  I’m all set  to go out and have a good time.

What about you? Do you have any favorite colors that inspires your way of styling?


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Little treasures from London…

Although i haven’t received any Christmas gifts yet, i have been very blessed to have a dear sister who came to Hong Kong for a visit last month,  and she was such a sweetie to surprise me with a bag mixed of little treasures all the way from London. While these gifts may not be overly extravagant or expensive, all of the lovely items represent me, and i like everything she got me!!!  Thank you sis, you know me well, love you!

Dior Make up palette

Eye liners, brushes, and blusher blush

Sometimes it’s amazing how a small gift, like a make up palette of colorful eye shadows and different shades of lip sticks, or a non designer branded piece of jewelry can put a smile to a face. This is by far the bestest pre-Christmas gift that i have received this year!

Round orange ball necklace to add to my collection, GoGo Philip

I absolutely love the cosmetics/beauty products that my sister got me, especially the L’Occitane Shea butter in Rose and Orange Honey scent. At the back of the tin, it says that this shea butter can be applied to the face, lips, hair, and body. Isn’t that just amazing!!?!? And it’s exactly what i need for the cold weather nowadays – moisturize every part of my body! lol. She was also super thoughtful and knows i get chappy lips, and got me the Vaseline lip balm but in Creme Brulee flavor, yum!

L'Occitane Shea Butter in Rose and Orange Honey

Vaseline in Creme Brulee, yum!

My British fashion glossy mags

I will be pretty busy leading up to the Christmas festive holidays where i’ve already been booked up for a friend’s birthday dinner tomorrow night, and 4 Christmas dinners with friends, and 2 company Christmas lunches coming up!

As for Christmas eve, I’ll be going to Macau with a friend and we’ll be spending one night there. Our main purpose for this short weekend get away is actually to watch “The House of Dancing Water”, an over USD250 million water based show that involves a lot of dance and acrobatic moves. I’ve heard a lot about it so i am super excited about this!!! We have already booked our ferry tickets, hotel room, and the tickets for the show so now i’m just patiently waiting for Dec 24th, hehe.

Anyhow, this is just a quick post as it’s mid night and i need to get my beauty sleep. Night!


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Stack it up, baby!!!

Bored of your outfit but not quite sure what to do about it? The answer is pretty simple, just stack it up, baby!!! And by that, i mean your jeweleries. My taste in jewelry is actually in between, i like both simple and big statement pieces, and it all depends on my mood that day. I normally only wear one piece of jewelry at a time as i don’t like over doing it. But i read from magazines that stacking up your jeweleries is a great way to make your look more fun and creative!

I think the fun thing about this concept is that you  can create a rock chic or elegant look, and it all comes down to what kind of jewelry you stack up with. You can go for the rock chic look by mixing jeweleries of diffent types and textures, such as beaded braclets, gold braclets, leather studded braclets or even watches. The same goes with rings, where you can choose rings of different sizes, colors, and shapes. The list is endless so you just gotta play around with it and have fun! As for the elegant look, i think the main key is to keep your jeweleries in the same color and texture and stack it up from there!

What about you? Do you prefer the stack up or simple look when it comes to accessorizing?


Photo source: here and here


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Time for DIY Fashion Accesory!!!

I was just reading  the iconic fashion blog when i came across a little DIY project that blogger Lisa Chau wrote about and its pretty neat.  She teaches you how to make a DIY version of the Dries Van Noten necklace made of bangles/rings. I think its a really great idea and i’ll attempt to give it ago in the near future,lol. All the details and photos below are taken from her blog and so no credits go to me;) Do check her blog out as it’s got alot of juicy fashion news!!!!

What do you need?

  • Black velvet ribbon (Approx 30cm)
  • Various bangles and rings of all shapes, colours and sizes. (It looks best when you stick to one theme)
  • Vintage rings
  • Big beads and buttons

What to do?

  • Knot the top of one end of the ribbon leaving about an 8cm gap from the edge of the ribbon to the centre area.
  • Tie the first ring to the knot so that the rings don’t fall off the string.
  • Thread through some vintage rings of all shapes, colours and sizes to the end of the knot.
  • Finish that section by tying another ring in a knot so that you can start the other section.
  • Put your bangles through the string in a fancy order to best achieve the desired result.
  • Knot the edge to finish off leaving extra string space at the end of the neckpiece to tie on.
  • Tie back edges together to complete.

Enjoy and have fun with this Fashion DIY project!!!:)

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