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Trend Alert – Neon Neon Neon!!!

Prada Spring 2011 Ready to Wear Collection

 The neon trend seems to be back in the game and this time, bolder and louder, or maybe it always has been, as seen from the Prada Spring 2011 Ready to Wear collection. As for this year, there was a playful mixture of neon hues and patterns present on the runways. Jonathan Saunders was definitely amongst one of my fave runways for the neon trend, and i loved how he played around with color, pattern, and fabric.

Jonathan Saunders Spring 2012 Collection

As i was searching for some neon runway photos, i came across a few designer brands that i’ve not heard of and i have to say, they did an amazing job with the bright neon look, especially Nanette Lepore. There was a strong presence of neon yellow and neon orange in her collection and the color contrast is a very refreshing and up to beat approach, just perfect for the upcoming Spring. The neon orange and lilac lips were also a great finishing touch on the models.

Nanette Lepore Spring 2012 Ready to Wear Collection

For me, this look definitely takes me back to the 80’s where it screams neon all over the place but it’s fairly easy to create a more toned down look, just by matching neon with neutral toned fabrics. In fact, you can take baby steps to experiment this trend by using neon accessories, such as a bag or a pair of heels.
I actually just went to H&M over the weekend and snatched a gorgeous looking neon orangy top so i’ll be trying out the neon look in no time! I saw a lot of the whole neon look going on so be quick, check out your local H&M shops immediately.
Neon on the runways 2012

Elie Saab Spring 2012 Ready to Wear Collection

Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2012 Ready to Wear Collection

Lela Rose Spring 2012 Ready to Wear Collection

 Neon Street Style Inspirations
Photo source:  Style, Stockholm Street Style, and We Heart It


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Trend Alert 2011 recap

As we bid our farewells to 2011 and look forward to a fabulous and fashionable year ahead in 2012, i thought it would be a bittersweet moment to recap back on all the trend alerts spotted over the past twelve months.

Twelve months of fashion may not sound too short or too long but we definitely captured some of the best and unforgettable trends out there! And for some reason, i won’t be surprised at all, if history repeats itself with any of the following fashion trends.

Which fashion trend alerts were your favorite in 2011?

Catty eyes

Bow effect


Color blocking


Polka dots

Peter Pan collar



Photo source: http://www.fashionising.com, http://www.style.com, and http://www.weheartit.com


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The Metallic Look

I’m not sure if metallic is the trend right now but after i saw these 2 gorgeous models with their metallic shimmery eyes, i just died. The metallic style is certainly not for the faint hearted so be warned. But  i say it’s definitely a fun way to challenge your comfort zone in fashion!!! Do we sense a little Lady Gaga inside ourselves yet? lol

 There’s something about the metallic look that gets to me. All the vibrant, shimmery and glittery elements about it is enough to make your heart jump a beat, and it’s a chic way to look fab for sure! Of course, it’s not an ideal look for my daily wear as i gotta go to work! Hm…i should try it out one day over the weekend. Maybe i’ll begin with metallic nails??? I think it’s the easiest way to start for beginners like me, lol.

I also saw the Armani Prive Spring 2011 Couture collection and it was just simply breath taking. There was so much color, texture, and shape going on. The shape of the dresses were structured in such a futuristic but feminine style, and the dark purplish lips just made the whole outfit pop!

So what do you think? Love or hate the metallic look?

The Metallic look at the fashion scenes

Metallic Street Style

Metallic Fashion shots

Daily Metallic Inspirations

 Photo Source:  fashiongonerogue, fashionising, weheartit, and tumblr


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Trend Alert: Those catty eyes

Watch out, cat woman is in town!  And this brings for another sequel of  my “Trend Alert” post, which i’ve missed dearly. 

So it looks like we’re all gonna be seeing alot of catty eye actions for the up coming Spring/Summer 2011 fashion trend. If you haven’t already noticed, the fashion world has and still is, rocking the ’50s and ’60’s sunglasses style back to life and it’s some pretty serious business too. The trend has already been spotted on the run way for Prada, Dior, Paul Smith, Giles Deacon, and etc. 

It’s surely not a style for everyone but it sure looks fun, if anything!

Dior, SS11
Rebecca Taylor, SS11
Tommy Hilfiger, SS11
Paul Smith, SS11
Twenty8Twelve, SS11
Alexandre Herchcovitch, SS11
Giles Deacon, SS11
Prada, AW10


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Trend Alert: Tassels to bedazzle?

Tassels were seen on the  S/S 2o11 runways for Gucci, Pucci, Paul & Joe, Topshop Unique, and etc. Although tassels have already been seen in the past and mostly on bags, it seems that the trend has gone upon that and can be applied to dresses, belts, clutches, shoes, and even hats! 

Honestly, i can’t quite figure out if this is a do or don’t. And if i had to choose, the only thing i’m kinda liking are the tassel belts and can be worn on a “normal” day, lol. What’s your take? Are you bedazzled or baffled by the tassels trend?

Photo Source


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Alexander McQueen SS11

I’ve never thought about who my favorite designer is but if I have to name one, I think it will have to be Alexander Mcqueen. He was a true genius and created history in fashion, where he stood out in public with his unconventional designs and showed no boundaries within creativity. It’s quite unbelievable to think that this legendary artist in the fashion world has already departed from us for nearly 7 months.

However, i felt that his presence was relived the very moment i saw the Alexander Mcqueen SS11 collection. The inspiration for this collection derives from nature where elements such as butterflies, wheat, and feathers are used. I love this collection and how it looks so earthy and colorful at the same time. The shoes in this collection is totally to die for too! I absolutely adore the heels with the butterfly and those golden arched wedges are sure to make a golden statement.

Photo Source


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Fashion Week Rerun

I know that Fashion Week has already come to an end and that i should leave it at that. I tried hard to stop myself from posting  runway photos as the entire fashion blogosphere has already done so but as expected,  i just couldn’t resist and gave in to my fashion cravings, hehe.   I decided to make it short and sweet and only share two of my favorite runways, Jil Sander SS11 for Milan Fashion Week and Lavin SS11 for Paris Fashion Week.  Btw, i snatched the lovely photos of the Jil Sander runway from the gorgeous fashionista blogger Andy, who is based in Amsterdam. You can follow her on Style Scrapbook  for the latest fashionable outings and street style inspirations in Europe!!! 

Jil Sander SS11Photo Source

Photo Source

I am head over heels for this collection. It’s all about bright colors, structure, and detailed prints!!!! I like how the make up isn’t too dramatic on the models, with just white pale faces against the shocking pink lips. This way, there is less going on with the face and more focus towards the vibrant dresses!!!

Lanvin SS11

Photo Source

 Normally i don’t really notice Lanvin and don’t ask why, it’s just one of those things, lol. But i was really drawn to their SS11 collection this time. I loved the drapery effect where it creates a look that is that much more feminine and sexy. The colors were more earthy tones and you can never go wrong with neutral colors, right? Afterall, it is one of fall’s best trend.  And i abosolutely adore that beetle look alike accesory on the model. I’m not sure if it’s a brooch or necklace but never minds, it’s just pure gorgeous and pretty functional as an accesory piece.

So what did you think of Fashion Week? Which one/ones were your utter most favorite on the list?????


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