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Ten Ways To Manage A Bad Day

We have all been there. We wake up early in the morning while savoring ever minute that there is to possibly savor, from that lovely snooze. As you get out of a bed, a sense of grumpiness overrides you for no apparent reason. Sometimes we have one of those bad days where everything we do just doesn’t feel right.

bad day

For me, that is particularly true when i come back from a long holiday or long weekend and have to get back to reality, the so called “real world”. In fact, i just had a long weekend as there was a public holiday (Chinese Chung Yeung Festival) on Monday. And trust me, I was not the happiest person when the thought of work came to mind.

Although i always believe that it’s important to remember to see the best in things during the worst in times. I truly think that is the key to having a balance life, especially during the hectic life styles that we live in nowadays. Actions speak louder than words, and with that, I have made a list of my top 10 tips for you to try in order to combat those bad days. Hope they help!

1. Embrace the sunshine


There is nothing better than to enjoy what nature has to offer. Sometimes we get so caught up with life that we forget to appreciate the simplest things in life, such as the warm sunshine that beams brightly onto our face to greet us a good morning.

2.Get a morning coffee fix


The morning coffee fix is a great and fast way to to battle your mornings ahead and to feel awake, thanks to caffeine! Although not the best and healthiest option, I will allow myself a cappuccino or latte on mornings where i’m super low on energy and need that kick start. For non coffee drinkers, i suggest a hot chocolate drink or herbal tea as alternative options.

3. Appreciate loved ones


I constantly remind myself of how grateful i am to have friends and families around that love me, and are always there for me. Try to stand still and notice your surroundings and you will find love everywhere. It could be that journey to work on a Monday morning, and you witness an old couple sharing a brisk morning walk while hand in hand, being ever as in love, just like that very first time they set their eyes on each other. It is these emotional moments that gets to me and makes me appreciate life and the power of love even more.

4. Call a good friend just because…


We are constantly caught up with our own things that we sometimes forget friends that we haven’t spoken to in a while. We keep saying we will contact them soon and before you know it, another few months or even a year has gone by. So go ahead and just give that good friend a call, even if it is just to say “hi”. I assure you that your friend will be happy to hear from you and that you cared enough to call. And who knows, you might have saved two people from a bad day, and that is definitely worthwhile.

5. Listen to your favorite tunes on the go


Pop on your headphones and select your favorite song and enjoy the moment. It’s amazing how music can change the mood for people, and that each music and beat is a different experience for every individual. As i once heard from someone, without music in the world then it would be like we are not living life.

6. Remember to smile


A smile will always take you far spiritually, if not physically. And good news for the singletons, smiling is also a physical attraction for some men and women. As research has found, a smile can be contagious and what better natural remedy to fix a bad day than having sharing a great smile?

7. Get out of the office and read a book over lunch


Take a break from the office and go out for some fresh air. Enjoy your lunch in a cafe or restaurant and enjoy a good book. It’s always good to give yourself a break from your desk and computer. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

8. Have a great work out


Get into your gym gear and get moving. Exercising releases endorphins, the happy hormones, which gives you that “feel good” factor and a natural high. Of course, even better, you are closer to getting that body shape that you been wanting. So not only do you feel good but you look good too. It’s a win win situation!

9. Arrange a chilled night out with friends


Try to be spontaneous and call out some close friends to enjoy a chilled night out. It can be a catch up over drinks, dinner, or even to the cinema for a comedy for a good laugh. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy because as long as you are in good company, you will have a fun time where nothing else matters.

10. Indulge in your favorite guilty pleasures


Dont’ be too harsh on yourself and allow one guilty pleasure every now and then, especially on a bad day. The key is to enjoy everything in life in moderation and that way, you will enjoy each moment that much more.

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My birthday celebration

Birthdays are always one of my favorite celebrations in the year, both for loved ones and myself. It’s a time where friends and families are gathered together over delicious food, drinks, and a lot of laughters. It is also special moments like these that reminds us of how grateful we are for what we have.

birthday cake

This year i have been very blessed to have yet another lovely birthday celebration with my dear friends and families, where the celebration took place over the entire month with great food, company, and a lot of great memories. There was a mix cuisine of American, Italian, Japanese, British, Spanish, and some lovely birthday surprises in between. I’m sooooo thankful for everyone that is in my life right here right now, and i’m truly touched by my dear friends who know me so well, and purposely prepared the surprises with birthday cakesand gifts. I know it sounds cheesy with the birthday surprises and all but i just can’t help it, lol.

It was a chilled Friday night on September 6, just a day before my special day, where a sleep over at BFF’s place was organized so we could kick start my birthday in style the next day. As BFF took an early morning hike up to the peak, i lied in bed until the warm sun from the window beamed in and touched my face. It was a beautiful day and i couldn’t have asked for anything else better that morning. BFF and i both quickly got dressed and went downstairs and hopped into the closes cab within our sight. I asked “where are we going?” and she replied with a smiling face “it’s a surprise”, and i couldn’t help but feeling all giddy inside. As we approached Admiralty and drove up to the JW Marriott Hotel, i had a good feeling we were headed to Cafe Gray Deluxe Hong Kong, and i was right. We were greeted by a smiling receptionist who got our names down and ushered us to a table in the middle of the restaurant.


Cafe Gray had a cosy ambiance with wooden decor against the lovely dangling chandeliers high above us, and the magnificent window view of the Kowloon area and ocean from a distant. I ordered one of my fave dishes, the Cafe Gray Black Angus burger in caramelized onions, gruyere cheese, tomato confit and some batter diped fries, and BFF had her fave eggs benedicts. It was a really relaxing afternoon where there was not a care in the world or a rush to go anywhere. We finished the meal by having a cuppa cappuccino where complimentary chocolates were given as well, much to my surprise. We slowly gobbled down the chocolates and without any warning, a waiter appeared from behind me holding a plate with a dessert on it that had “happy birthday skat” written in chocolate sauce. I was beyond speechless and the only visible sign I had was this big happy smile and touched look on my face. It was a delicious banoffee cake with rum raisin ice cream and it was orgasmic, to say the least, lol. My BFF has always been there for me and she’s just the sweetest and most understanding friend one can ask for. She’s been there for my good times and bad times and vice versa of course, and it’s truly a blessing to have her there celebrating my special day with me.




The rest of the afternoon was spent over some retail therapy where I went to Calvin Klein for some long due new lingeries, and a quick stop over to Zara and H&M for some light shopping spree. Following that night, dinner was arranged at this steak house called “Steik World Meats” in Tsim Sha Tsui, where BFF had invited Ben to come along. Ben was such a sweet heart and got me a box of my fave Laduree macarons and i just couldn’t wait to get my hands on those delicious and beautiful looking sweet treats. We spent the entire night just slowing savoring our food and sipping on red wine, where the night gradually ended at Vibes over more wine and some birthday shots.

As we entered the door to BFF’s flat, i quickly kicked off my 4 inch heels and jumped onto her bed and was falling asleep. Little did i know, another surprise was coming my way. BFF told me to come to the living room and there she stood with her slightly tipsy face, and was holding these two mini but oh so cute birthday cakes, a tiramisu and mango/strawberry flavored one. With the appetite of a horse at such late hours, most likely due to the slight over drinking, we finished the cakes rather quickly. To end the night, i finally got to open my present and it was this lovely Marc by Marc Jacobs scarf with leopard print that my two BFFs had gotten me. I would say it was the perfect ending to the night for my birthday.



Surprises were definitely up in the air for my birthday this year. Mr. A just happened to be in town on the week of my birthday and offered to take me to the peak. His big and friendly smile was just the same as i last remembered, and it was really nice to see him again.

It was a sunny weekend where the day started with some delicious Japanese ramen and gyoza (pan fried dumplings) before we started our journey to the peak. After a much fulfilled lunch, we slowly paced ourselves to the Tsim Sha Tsui star ferry where we would take the ferry to cross over to HK island. Upon arrival, we caught the bus 15C that did not have a roof, which made it a fun and touristy ride for me, as i looked high above the sky scrapers and scenic view of Hong Kong. A walk around the peak whilst enjoying the greenery and sipping on coffee over chit chats at the local cafe, while overseeing the view of Hong Kong, made me remember what it was like to enjoy the moment.


the peak

We decided to have dinner at Pearl on the Peak, especially as i’ve heard quite good reviews of this restaurant. As we arrived to the front door, we were quickly escorted by a friendly staff who seated us to a table that was facing the entire view of Hong Kong. We both ordered the wagyu steak as we are such steak lovers, along with two glasses of red wine. The red wine was completely divine and complimented just right with the juicy steak. I ordered the organy flavored crepe with orange ice cream for dessert, where the chef made it live, right in front of my very own eyes. It was an interesting and different experience to see how my dessert came into fruition, where flames came into vision after the cognac was gently poured over the orange, and slowly simmered on the pan.

Pearl on the Peak

Pearl on the peak


The night ended with a quiet stroll around the peak where we embraced all that the nature had to offer. There was also this cute giant heart stand where lovers would write messages on this heart paper provided for free, and they would eternalize their love by hanging the message on the heart. One could say it’s a cheesy doing but i kinda think it’s a sweet gesture if you’ve found the one.

As the time ticked away and it got closer to closing time, we took the next peak tram and headed back down, where we took one more glance of the beautiful Hong Kong night view. It was a very cosy, or as the Danes say it, “hyggeligt” night, and a nice way to end my birthday at the peak.

love at the peak

The Peak

The Peak

All photos accredited to me

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May everyday be Valentines…

calenderI know this post is late by a day but as i always say, better later than never right?  So i just wanted to say a happy belated valentines day to all of you out there, whether you’re a singleton or with your beloved other half, I hope your Valentines day was filled with love, joy, kisses, and lots of happiness!!!

 To add a bit more of fun into valentines day or any other day if you like, here are some sweet little things that you can do with your other half. Hoepfully this goes to show that sometimes you don’t need to do anything fancy or big to feel the love, as long as you got each other. And the best part is that you can do all of the following things below, whether you’re in a relationship or is as single as can be. Happy Valentines day everyone!!!


Wear your favorite perfume and let the scent do it’s magic. I always believe a scent says a lot about a person and its has this power to bring out the confident, feminine, and sexual side of you. Just a quick breeze of a familiar perfume scent is enough to ignite certain memories from the past. It could be that first Chloe perfume that i got gifted a few years back for my birthday, and it’s been my fave ever since.


I don’t know about you but i’m sure all the macaron fans out there will agree with me. There’s nothing where a box of lovely and colorful Laduree macarons that can’t help sweeten up a lady’s heart and her taste buds in an instant. A box of these lovely sweet treats is certainly to win many hearts away. If you are on a budget, you can also consider macarons from other brands or bakeries. There are some  quite good ones out there if you really look.


Whether you got another half or you’re single, flowers, such as roses, are a great way to brigthen your day. I love roses and they always make me smile. For the singletons like moi, go out and buy a single rose or a bouquet of roses, or any type of flowers that you like, it is entirely up to you. Not only will they bring out such warmth and beauty to your home, but you can also turn them into dried flowers and do a DIY project, such as putting them in a pretty frame and hang it.

Strawberries dipped in dark chocolatetumblr_mhvbbsplzc1rm3soio1_1280_large

Not so much of a flower person? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Fresh and healthy strawberries dipped in devililicious dark chocolate is gonna make you want more. And eating dark chocolate has even proven to have health benefits, such as boosting your mood or  feeling less stressed, when taken in moderation. So feel free and indulge in those bouquets of strawberries dipped chocolate without a guilt in the world, for a day  or two at the most, hehe.

Valentines Nail Arttumblr_mi18vgMNbd1qbiu5fo2_1280_large

Getting your nails done in Valentines themed design is another way to bring out the love spirit in you. Bring out  all the love colors, the hot pink and hot red is the way to do it. And if you fancy a bit of creativity, you can add hearts, lips, ribbons, or anything you want on your nails. It’s a day where you can be girlie without feeling out of place.

Receiving flowers amor-awn-flowers-love-Favim_com-620458_large

If you’ve got that special other half, be sure to dress your best whilst you wait anxiously for that moment when your Mr. Right to turn up with a bouquet of your favorite flowers and gives you a passionate kiss. Once you go home, remember to put your lovely flowers into a lovely vase where they belong. The rest…well, i guess i don’t need to tell you what to do right?;)

Movie nighttumblr_mcu99yHb8Z1rv8ieso1_500_large

What other way to celebrate Valentines night then cuddling up with you other half and watching a romance comedy for  a chilled night. This is for the budget conscious couples and singletons out there though, i have to warn. One of my faves sappy movie as a kid was “My Girl”. Whatever movie you fancy, make sure you prepare a box of tissue because we are bound to shed some tears.

Sweet treatscupcakes

Baking your own dessert, such as cupcakes or cakes for Valentines day, is another way to express your love. Try to add more pink and red in the color scheme, and you can even add heart sprinkles or make your own heart paper name tags if you like. Of course, if you are not much of a baker, you can always turn to the safer and lazier option, go to a bakery that you’ve been wanting to visit for a long time and see what pretty gems awaits you there.


There is no reason for when a lady wants to glam up and the same goes on this extra special day. Make that extra effort on Valentines day to make your Valentine’s heart jump a beat. Put on some shimmery or glossy lip gloss to add some tease to your smile. He will be ready to kiss those passionate lips of yours in no time. Most importantly, you will feel prettier from the inside and the outside. It is  the smallest things, such as a lipgloss at times, which is all we need to feel a difference.

Creativity notebooks

The expression of love can be in many forms, and one form that i enjoy is through words. Take out those lovely notebooks that have been in hiding and covered in dust, and write down a sweet poem or love quote that you remember or saw from somewhere. Writing such sweet words or even memories of the present and past is a way to keep the memories ever lasting.


Last but not least, you have to remember the “love” word. Love is something that cannot be missing in any type of relationship, be it friendships, lovers, or families. Always remember to cherish your loved ones and embrace each moment that is given to you everyday. Enjoy some relaxing and quality time with your other half and try to find that happiness between the two of you, the happiness just like that very first moment you both laid eyes on each other.

May everyday be a Valentines day for you.


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And the winner goes to…

The entry for the gift giveaway has officially closed and i am pleased to say, i finally picked a winner!!!! I am super excited about this announcement  for my very first gift giveaway so without further ado…

Big congratulations to Clare!!!!

I will email you for your details very soon!!!


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Snapshots in a week…

This week was insanely busy as i was working towards a deadline to complete the newsletter for the April issue, for the Toastmasters Club that i have recently joined.  With such a tight schedule, i forced myself to go home straight after work for 3 days consecutively this week and hence, i didn’t manage to capture too many snapshots of my week.

Although, on my way home from work earlier this week, i passed by this cute little pop up shop that were selling some French goodies. The pop up shop is called “La Madeline de Proust” and everything there looks simply too beautiful to resist!

The sales lady told me that those round things are Macarons lookalike but if you ask me, i think they taste the same. The only difference would be that these are slightly harder in terms of its texture and there’s no creamy filling in the center. There were floral and fruit flavors to choose from ranging from ginger,violet,jasmine, rose, lychee, and apple. I bought little Ms. Violet home with me that night. Final verdict?I  say Macarons are still the best.

I also passed by this display in the middle of the shopping mall that i really liked. It’s by a Chinese designer and I just really liked the way the outfits were designed.

Over the weekend, i managed to be really productive and i’m quite pleased to say so. I started my Saturday morning with a facial treatment that lasted for 2 hours and then headed to my local restaurant to grab some food to eat. I had the lunch set and it included a delicious cream and mushroom soup for “soup of the day”, along with my chicken steak with baby potatoes and a icy cold lemon tea.

It was such a nice day to just chill by myself and enjoy the sunny day. Shortly after, i went to get my shoes fixed and quickly had a hair cut to get a trim, and like lightning,  i rushed to town to attend my evening class for Photoshop, which lasted for 3 hours! Boy, that was some crazy 3 hours just sitting there and listening to the class whilst writing notes. I kinda had the feeling like i was back to school.

Today was a beautiful day to say the least. I had per-organized a date with my girls to enjoy a Sunday brunch at this beautiful out of town location called Stanley, in celebration for our friend’s birthday. The weather was perfect, with blue skies and sun beaming and it was just the best day we have had in weeks!

Arriving to Stanley for our friend's birthday brunch

I had booked a table for4 at “ROCKSALT”, which serves western food such as pizzas, pastas, burgers, sandwiches, all day breakfast, salads, and some lovely selections of fresh juices, tea, and dessert.

Wagyu Beef Burger with Potato Wedges

Yummy runny Eggs Benedicts

Happy birthday to our dearest Shirley!!!

We spent hours chatting away updating on each others busy lives while we enjoyed our food, and it was a simple yet lovely day relaxing with my girls. After eating all that food, we decided to take a stroll along Stanley and to intake all of the nature that it had to offer. We also got really lucky and managed to witness the sunset just in time. We saw a lot of beautiful flowers along the way and i simply couldn’t resist and started taking photos of anything that took my breath away.

I also wore my newly purchased ballet flats for our Stanley excursion as i wanted to test out and see if they were comfy. After wearing them for the whole day and night, i have to say, they are really comfy!!! I am definitely gonna bring these cute babies for my trip to Beijing!!! What’s even better is that i got them during sale and it was further deducted from my membership discount where it came down to a grand total of HK$369, good purchase indeed!

As we walked along the shops and stalls in Stanley market, there was the usual tourist attractions such as mini Chinese budda statues, lots of sarongs and flip flops for beach wear, Hong Kong themed magnets and post cards, and the list goes on.

On the other handle, i spotted something slightly different, i saw some really gorgeous scarves  that came in all sorts of patterns.  I really liked the leopard printed ones but i refrained myself from buying anything. I’m sure i can find something like this when i shop in Beijing, hehe.

We spotted a local cafe “Lucy’s on the Front” as we finished out walk and decided to sit down for some tea and cake. We ordered earl grey and cappuccino and for cakes, we chose my fave carrot cake and chocolate brownie. As my friend was craving for some savory food, we also got french fries which came in 9 different types of sauce. The fries tasted really good in all the sauces so it was a good call we ordered it. As night time came and the weather was getting pretty windy, we decided to leave lovely Stanley with a happy smile on our face.

The night view of Stanley before we said our good nights to this lovely place. We will be back…..

So what have you all been up to this week? I would love to know.


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Inspire me, please?

Inspirations are everywhere around us, if we only open our eyes and look a bit closer.  The simplest things in life such as families, my fave macaron desserts, a walk in the park, or just being able to wake up in the mornings next to a loved one and say a warm “good morning”, is already a very inspiring if not, happy moment for me.

We need to learn to appreciate life and understand that even the smallest things, can have an impact on our lives. It could be that last train at night that you caught to get home, those solo cafe visits where you go to clear your mind, or even just a phone call to your dearest friend to say a quick “Hello”. And very often so, it is these precious moments where we find bigger things in life, we find inspirations and happiness to keep us going and living, and believing.

I hope you will find or keep looking for your life long inspirations, no matter where you are, what you do, and who you are with. Never stop living and never stop smiling because you never know, there might just be that special someone watching you and falling for that sweet smile=)

Is there anything in life that inspires you?

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Few of my favorite things…

I’m really tired today for some reason and so i’ve decided to post something a little bit more light. I love spending time alone and think to myself, and do my own things when i’m feeling all worn out.  Today is one of those days. Yesterday I had a day off work as it was a public holiday where we had to pay our respects to our ancestors. I went to ShenZhen with my family to send my blessings and prayers to my grandma who has passed away 2 years ago. To say i miss her is an understatement.  I just wish I had more time with her or to see her cute smile just once more. But i know she’s in a better place now and that she lived a happy life for 96 years.

Anyhow, i thought i would share a few of my favorite things that makes my “bad days” to “good days”.   Living in a busy city  like myself, I always feel that everyone is rushing through life every single day, whether it is to reach a destination or to get something done. I remind myself at times that we gotta slow down. We have to appreciate the smaller beauties in life such as catching up with an old friend over coffee, reading a good book,  or just simply buying ourselves  a small gift because we deserve to treat ourselves once in a while. 

Sometimes the simplest thing such as buying a new perfume and smelling nice is already good enough to make me feel happy. It’s amazing how the small things in life can make such a difference.

What small wonders makes your “bad days” into “good days”?

Catching up with friends over coffee

My love for Macarons

Taking a break from biking to enjoy the amazing view

Glossy fashion mags that keeps me up to date and in style

My happy readings

Lovely scented soap bars from AVOCA

Baileys on the rocks after a hard day of work

Beautiful clothes to make my day rock!

Random gift purchase for myself (2 sparkly rings from Folli Follie)


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