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Fashion me the mother nature way pls:)

Living in a busy city like Hong Kong definitely has its perks of a fun and exciting life style, and at the same time it also makes  me suddenly miss mother nature oh soooo much!!! I guess i’ve just been tired of the city lately and need to go to a hidden secret garden where nobody can find me,hehe. Anyway, i found these beautiful photo shots that demonstrates exactly the real beauty of combining mother nature and fashion:) I really loveee how the sunshine beams down where it creates this calm and soothing effect.

Photo Source: Fashion Gone Rogue

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Perfume wish list

Of course i gotta give it to the “Harajuku Lovers” fragrance with their limited edition “Sunshine Cuties” to kick start this hot summer 🙂 This time these lovely girls are all out and ready for some sunshine with their cutesy bikini outfits!!!! Only question is…which one should i get??? If you’re too desperate and can’t wait, all of the items below can be purchased online via Sephora. Please do share and let me know which  “Sunshine Cuties” will be your pick this summer as I’d loveeeeeee to know. As for me, my fav outfit is “Sunshine Cuties Love” and fav smell is “Sunshine Cuties Music”. 

Sunshine Cuties G

Sunshine Cuties Love


Sunshine Cuties Lil’ Angel


Sunshine Cuties Music


Sunshine Cuties Baby

 This was the A/W 2009 collection for the Harajuku Lovers called “Snow Bunnies”

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Luscious lips…

I came across these two  fabulous make up artists who makes lips look absolutely sooooooo sexy and fashionable:) Please check out Julie Begin and Charlotte Willer for their great lippy make up art work!!!! The photos below are taken from their websites. Mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you all for now!!!! 😉


Photo Source: Julie Begin

Photo Source: Charlotte Willer



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The “Sex and the City 2” ladies glam it up at the NYC premiere

Okay, so i havent seen SATC 2 yet but i couldnt stop but notice all these photos online of the four lovely ladies looking glammed up at their premieres. I have to say, they all looked absolutely stunning for the Sex and the City 2 world premiere night in New York City. They can never do it wrong, can they!?!!? I love how they carried different color tones for their dresses and all of them stood out.  If you ask me, i actually think SJP was one of the girls with the best outfits! The neon yellow is so fresh, bright, and stylish. Kim Cattrall was my least favorite. I mean, she looked glamorous but there was something about the color and pattern of her dress  that didnt really do it for me. What do you think?

As always, SJP draws attention on the red carpet and this time was no exception, with her eye catching yellow Valentino gown from the  Spring 2010 Couture collection . And the one sided off the shoulder strap was  soooo sexy yet still elegant. She really knows how to work it on the red carpet and she certainly knows how to get all the attention when she wants to!   

Kristin Davis looked so elegant and cute in this pink vintage frock by Jean Desses. I think it really suits her and shows off this girly but still sexy side to her.

Cynthia Nixon played it safe by going black and wore a classic looking Carolina Herrera gown. Its a safe color choice that still manages to carry the glamor factor. I really like this classic look and and how she added a diamond leaf brooch to give it that finished touch.

Kim Cattrall wore a glittery gown by Naeem Khan and i really think it didnt do much for her. It was still glamourous looking but i just didnt think much of it.  But i gotta give her credit for that plunging neckline of hers, which managed to carry some sex appeal  along with sophistication thrown in it.

What do you girls think? What was your favorite pick!?!? Or least favorite? lol and while we’re at it, what did you think of the movie? 🙂

Photo Source: Style Caster

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Be my twin pretttieee please????

You ever wondered what it would be like if you had a twin sister while growing up as a young girl, and just imagined all the girly stuff you could do together? Well, as a young kid, i was usually home alone with my cousin trying on my mom’s make up (think Lancome red matte lipstick and rainbow colored eyeshadows,lol) and any of her heels that we could find, and strutted a mini catwalk in my living room. Yes, i started to enjoy glamming up at a very young age i just realized. But it was truly fun doing all the dress up,hair,make up and the occasional role play of housewife,  where we ate our home made liver pate sandwich.  

So my question to you ladies out there,  you reckon you would want a twin sister of the exact same age,size,and fashion interest?? Not  a bad thought eh? Dont get me wrong, I actually have a lovely older sister who i love to bits and pieces  but we just share none of the 3 factors mentioned previously,lol. Anyways, i just thought it be a fun idea to ponder on for a stress free Saturday afternoon.

The photos below were taken from the Vogue Nippon  June 2010 issue titled “Just the Two of Us” and indeed it is! I wouldn’t mind holding a doggie, eating stawberries, or hugging a gigantic bottle of Chanel No. 5, in twin sister style. Twinhood never looked this beautiful, wouldn’t you agree?;)

Photo Source: Fashion Gone Rogue/Styleite


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Bedtime Stories looking glam

If you ask me, i’ve not seen sleeping beauty as sexy and dreamy as this!!! Im currently coming down with a major headache and a sore throat so i’ve been resting up too but boy, i wish i looked like this when i’m in bed, lol. This “Bedtime Stories” editorial was photographed by Perla Maarek who i’ve just learned about and i say i like her stuff:)

Photographer: Perla Maarek
Stylist: Marie Revelut
Hair & Make-up: Mathilde Passery
Model: Sofie @ Major Model Management

For further info:

Photo Source: Chic Today

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Lady Gaga in Tokyo for MAC Viva Glam Launch

As always, Lady Gaga will never fail to impress us when it comes to a grand entrance appearance, and the same went for the recent Aids Fund launch by MAC Viva Glam, which she appeared at in Tokyo. She was spotted in an entire white ruffled body suit/dress kinda thing and it really got me thinking if her quirky outfits could get any more odd. But i still give her credits for stepping out of the boundaries in creativity and her numerous come backs to surprise us each and every time. It’s clearly not an easy task to start or sustain so great job for now Gaga! Despite her fashion chaos, i still somehow find it in my heart to appreciate her music, and the song Speechless presented at the beginning of the event was just awesome!

Photo Source: Teen Daily

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